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NFX Series

Universal CPE for secure SD-WAN and service delivery

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NFX Series Network Services Platform: Simplifying Network Services

Secure and Compliant CPE Devices for Easy Network Creation and Delivery

The NFX Series Network Services Platform delivers a flexible, secure, on-demand network service experience to enterprise organizations. An integral part of Juniper’s fully automated software-defined WAN (SD-WAN), secure router, and next-gen firewall solutions, this high-performance universal CPE platform delivers dynamic SD-WAN functionality with Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), nextgeneration network security, and a portfolio of managed services. The NFX Series supports multiple Juniper and third-party VNFs on a single device, enabling enterprise customers to accelerate application deployment across geographical locations with a single, automated, highly scalable solution.

The Juniper Networks® NFX Series Network Services Platform includes the NFX150, NFX250, and NFX350, offering secure, standards-compliant, redundant customer premises devices that simplify the creation and delivery of network services. This enables service providers to deliver innovative managed services with agility and scale, while allowing enterprises to automate and accelerate branch network connectivity.

More than ever, enterprises rely on the Internet to support their business operations. This increasing dependence on the Internet to access geographically distributed data centers and the multitude of mission-critical cloud-based applications has made branch offices difficult to manage, maintain, and upgrade. Rapid business expansion, both local and international, also creates new challenges for branch office deployment and connectivity. Enterprises require a solution that can create branches on demand, accelerate service deployment, and instantly apply business updates and security policies consistently across a diverse and growing number of business applications and branch locations.

While traditional customer premises equipment (CPE) devices have served the market well for years, many of these devices are closed, Layer 2 purpose-built platforms that do not provide the flexibility, agility, reliability, or scalability required to support a flexible cloud deployment. As a result, these devices often inhibit innovation and complicate or, even worse, restrict the ability to automate configuration and provisioning management. The NFX Series highly scalable, open, and secure customer premises devices work with Juniper Contrail®

Service Orchestration to deliver fully automated SD-WAN, secure router, and Cloud CPE solutions. Whether you are an enterprise business or a service provider, this automated, software-driven solution dynamically provisions new services, enabled by Juniper or third-party virtualized network functions (VNFs), on demand, resulting in near instantaneous service delivery. Its Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) capability greatly simplifies branch network connectivity for initial deployment and ongoing management. Subsequent service updates and policy changes are consistently and dynamically inserted into the existing device, resulting in operational efficiency for service providers and enterprise customers alike by limiting or even eliminating service interruptions and business disruptions.

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NFX Series

NFX 150

The NFX150 Network Services Platform provides multiple network connection options (including 4G/LTE) and an open, standards-based architecture. It uses SRX Series next-generation firewall software for security. The NFX150 simplifies network connectivity and delivers a broad portfolio of business services, such as SD-WAN. It is appropriate for enterprise organizations that manage their own WANs and for service providers that deliver managed services to the enterprise.

The NFX150 is ideal for SD-WAN applications:

  • Its integrated security provides the same capabilities as the Juniper Networks SRX Series Services Gateways—perimeter security, IPsec connectivity, applications detection, and filtering for malicious traffic without sacrificing reliability, visibility, or policy control.
  • Its Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) capability automates deployment and management of the NFX150 platform and its VNFs.
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NFX Series

NFX 250

The NFX250 Network Services Platform hosts the vSRX Virtual Firewall to provision secure, ultra-fast custom service delivery on demand. The software-driven NFX250 gives you the flexibility to create innovative services, such as SD-WAN, and then automate services activation, with zero truck rolls.

The NFX250 eliminates the operational complexities of deploying multiple CPE types to meet myriad customer service needs. Communication service providers can use the NFX250 to deploy flexible, secure, high-performance services on premises, and enterprises can deploy it to spin up branches on demand. It uses virtualization to speed and simplify the process of new service offerings and consistent security policies, all with just a keystroke.

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NFX Series

NFX 350

The NFX350 is our most powerful universal CPE platform. Ideal for your large branch deployments, it delivers secure SD-WAN and tremendous x86 horsepower, with ample storage and memory that supports adjacent virtual network functions (VNFs) and other branch-local applications.

It provides high-scale SD-WAN, with up to 7.5-Gbps IPsec performance and redundant power supplies for greater platform resiliency. The NFX350 includes AES 256 MACsec ports and flexible WAN interfaces for LTE, DSL, and SFP network connectivity.

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