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Pulse Access Suite

An integrated solution delivering secure access for hybrid IT.

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Pulse Access Suite

The Pulse Access Suite contains all the software and services needed to deliver secure access. It’s never been easier to secure your data centre, provide mobile access and enable new cloud services. We make secure access simple to purchase, deploy and manage.

Essentials edition

  • Industry-leading VPN: Access your datacenter with Pulse Connect Secure, the world's preferred SSL VPN.
  • Cloud-based visibility: Monitor your Pulse Access Suite with our cloud-based Pulse One solution.
  • Mobile VPN: Switch on instant productivity with our mobile VPN on your tablet or smartphone.
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Advanced edition

  • Cloud secure: Add secure access and Single Sign-On to cloud apps and services outside of your datacentre.
  • Network visibility: Learn about all of the devices on your network with our network profiling solution.
  • Cloud-based management: Manage your Pulse Access Suite with our cloud-based Pulse One solution.
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Enterprise edition

  • Cloud secure: Add secure access and Single Sign-On to cloud apps and services outside of your datacentre.
  • Network enforcement: With Pulse Policy Secure, you will have control of your network with the power of granular policy and broad integration into 3rd party network infrastructure.
  • Secure IoT: Everything has an IP address these days. With the Internet, enablement comes security risk and the Pulse Access Suite is here to help.
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Pulse Connect Secure

The mobile VPN to enable secure access from any device to enterprise apps and services in the data centre or cloud.

Enterprises and service providers have the difficult challenge of providing location- and device-independent network connectivity that is secure and capable of controlling resource access for authorized users. Breaches and threats continue to spiral out of control, and increasing numbers of employees and users want to use their own personal productivity solutions from devices to cloud-based applications. Making this challenge even more difficult. Pulse Secure Connect Secure provides secure, authenticated access for remote and mobile users from any web-enabled device to corporate resources—anytime, anywhere. Pulse Connect Secure is the most widely deployed SSL VPN for organizations of any size, across every major industry.

Pulse Connect Secure includes Pulse Secure Clients and the AppConnect SDK. Pulse Clients are dynamic, multiservice network client for mobile and personal computing devices. Pulse Clients are simply deployed, enabling users to quickly “click and connect” from any device, anywhere. Pulse Secure AppConnect SDK delivers per-application SSL VPN connectivity for iOS and Android clients, enabling IT to create an even more transparent and secure mobile app experience for their users.

Secure access starts with a mobile VPN

icon Market leader
Market leader
40 of the Fortune 50 companies and over 18 million endpoints secured.
icon Data centre and cloud
Data centre and cloud
Simply blend data centre applications and public cloud services for your workers.
icon Easy compliance
Easy compliance
Granular control over who is accessing what, from where, when, and how.
icon Familiar experience
Familiar experience
No matter what the device your user chooses, they'll get the same experience they love.
icon Mobile VPN
Mobile VPN
On-demand, per-app VPN for iOS and Android.
icon Single Sign-On
Single Sign-On
Remembering passwords is a thing of the past for both on premises systems or cloud based solutions.
icon Transparent visibility
Transparent visibility
Beautifully designed and easy to use consoles that IT will love.
icon Variety of deployment options
Variety of deployment options
Purpose built secure access appliances or virtual machine option.

Secure Access from any device to any app. Simple.

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Pulse Policy Secure

Pulse Policy Secure

A contemporary Network Access Control (NAC) solution built for the next generation of networks

For years, NAC was something that had system admins running for the hills because of its reputation of being hard to configure and only something that the department of defence would only want to dabble in... until now.

Put simply, NAC is a great way to control which devices connect to your network and what they can do once they are connected.

It’s exactly like the access control you have been setting up on file shares for years. When you think about it, why should any device with a wireless password or wired connection access everything?

That's where Pulse Policy Secure comes in.

NAC uncomplicated

icon Complete network visibility
Complete network visibility
Automatically detect, classify and monitor managed, IoT and other unmanaged devices that are connecting to the corporate network. The system further monitors devices for security and profile state changes.
icon Automatic device onboarding
Automatic device onboarding
Automatic onboarding features for Windows, Mac, smartphones and tablets.
icon Regulatority compliance
Regulatority compliance
Ensure security compliance with the most stringent industry and government regulations.
icon Contextual access control
Contextual access control
Orchestrate access policy wired and wireless connections, personal and corporate devices, remote and local access.
icon Wizards and templates
Wizards and templates
Take the complexity out of setting up a NAC solution.
icon Guest user management
Guest user management
Simplify the experience of handling restricted casual visitors to your network.
icon Mobility management integration
Mobility management integration
Extend NAC policy enforcement with information from 3rd party EMM solutions.
icon Orchestrate threat response
Orchestrate threat response
Share user and device info, as well as receive alerts from popular switches, wireless controllers, NGFW, SIEMs, EMM and endpoint security solutions.

Complete access control of who, what, when and where with Pulse Policy Secure.

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Jam packed with features for the next generation

icon BYOD onboarding
BYOD onboarding
Automated configuration of devices with settings and software for Wi-Fi and VPN access.
icon Compliance auto-checks
Compliance auto-checks
Enhanced assessments of endpoint device health, vulnerability and security state.
icon Comprehensive visibility
Comprehensive visibility
Profile on-network endpoint and IoT devices for verification and remediation.
icon Unified client
Unified client
A single client gives users both VPN and local access for a simple and easy user experience.
icon Guest access
Guest access
Ability to create time-limited guest accounts - and provide a seamless user experience.
icon Interoperability
Orchestrate and automate security enforcement with over 20 vendor solutions including switch, firewall, mobile and endpoint security.
icon Centralised command
Centralised command
Control everything from a single management console and dashboard deployed in the cloud or data centre.
icon Patch assessment
Patch assessment
Minimises malware risk and downtime through automatic remediation of patches for endpoint devices.
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