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WALLIX Access Manager

Secure, Streamlined Remote Access for Efficient Digital Transformation.

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WALLIX Access Manager: Your ultimate solution for secure remote access

In the ever-changing landscape of digital security, ensuring the safeguarding and management of external access to critical IT assets is of utmost importance. With WALLIX Access Manager, we introduce a cutting-edge solution tailored to meet the challenges posed by remote access and escalating cyber threats.

Our advanced technology empowers IT administrators and external providers, enabling them to establish secure connections from any location. By granting access only to authorized individuals for specific resources and designated purposes, we eliminate the risks associated with untraceable VPNs, cumbersome clients, and complex plugins. WALLIX Access Manager offers a hassle-free and simplified approach to secure IT resources, complete with built-in monitoring for total peace of mind.

Experience seamless and secure access, redefine your security standards, and embrace a future where remote access is not just protected but also effortless. Choose WALLIX Access Manager and take a decisive step towards fortifying your digital assets.

WALLIX Acces Manager

Features and benefits

Dive into a comprehensive solution designed to enhance your organization's security and efficiency. Our centralized management of external access ensures meticulous monitoring, utilizing Global Search for proactive threat detection. Experience a simplified approach with user-friendly interfaces, reducing Total Cost of Ownership while maximizing security through seamless integration with cutting-edge identity solutions. Discover an unparalleled level of control and protection for your critical IT assets.

  • Monitor and audit external access to all your Bastions through a single console.
  • Utilize Global Search to identify suspicious behavior in session recordings based on keywords and metadata.
  • Exercise streamlined control over privileges and oversight of privileged activity.
  • Enhance user experience: systems administrators can operate critical systems through SSH or RDP consoles embedded in a web browser, with improved cross-session interaction and transfers.
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) thanks to SSH/RDP access through HTML5, eliminating expensive fat clients on endpoints.
  • Minimize the attack surface with a single secured HTTPS entry point for external access.
  • Integrate with other security solutions, including WALLIX Trustelem for SSO and identity federation, and WALLIX Authenticator MFA.
  • Support standard protocols to connect to third-party MFA solutions.
  • Track and log privileged user access, unlike traditional VPN access solutions.

Empowering secure and streamlined remote access

WALLIX Access Manager and WALLIX Secure remote access solutions

WALLIX Access Manager provides a secure and streamlined solution for external and remote access to sensitive IT assets. It enables secure access for external users via a web gateway, reducing the attack surface. The platform allows auditing of the entire Bastion fleet, detecting suspicious user behavior, and providing access to extensive metadata for analyzing sessions. With Global Search, specific sessions can be rapidly identified and actions can be replayed for advanced threat detection. The user experience for systems administrators is enhanced through a web portal embedding RDP and SSH clients. Moreover, it reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by eliminating the need for VPN clients and seamlessly integrating into IT systems.

WALLIX Secure Remote Access facilitates seamless interactions with third-party providers while maintaining security. It allows just-in-time creation of authorized access, ensuring complete segregation of corporate AD from third-party directories. The platform offers a simple and secure remote access option for all corporate assets, enforces corporate security policies, and enables administration delegation to business owners. Additionally, it eliminates the need for VPN installation and management, reducing the burden on IT resources. Self-service password reset (SSPR) is provided along with a unified web portal integrating RDP & SSH web clients, allowing full control and traceability of external remote access. This solution also drives digital workplace modernization, leading to significant cost savings.

Embracing a secure and seamless digital future with WALLIX Access Manager

With WALLIX Access Manager, your organization steps into a future where security, simplicity, and seamless access converge. Embrace a world where external and remote access to your IT assets is not just secure but also streamlined and user-friendly. Elevate your digital experience, enhance your security posture, and embark on a journey of IT efficiency like never before. Secure your access, empower your team, and safeguard your future with WALLIX Access Manager. Your gateway to a safer, smarter, and more connected tomorrow begins here.

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