Webinar: Why DLP matters to your security strategy

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This is the second webinar in a series of three cybertalk sessions. In this webinar, Sr. Solution Architect Cyber Security Kunal Biswas will simplify DLP.

With recent data breaches as well as the General Data Protection Regulation enactment, CISOs are prioritising Data Loss Prevention (DLP) security strategies and tools. Confidential data, whether corporate or customer-related, can be leaked from almost any computing device today, including physical and virtual servers, databases, end-user equipment, flash storage devices, and mobile devices. During this CyberTalk, Infradata Senior Solutions Architect Cyber Security will highlight what Data Loss Prevention is all about and how it can effectively strengthen your security strategy.

In this webinar he will discuss DLP technologies and solutions, to help you shape an effective DLP strategy.

Webinar: Why DLP matters to your security strategy

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In the third webinar Remco Hobo, head of Cyber Security, will tell you more about Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB).

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