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We deliver strategy and implementation, from a business and technology view, to help you lead in the markets where you compete. Nomios has extensive knowledge of and experience in the European datacenter, hosting and cloud market.

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Secure and connected

For over 20 years, we have been in the business of ensuring data centers are secure and connected. Our expert engineers continue to design and manage architectures as well as solve complex security and network problems for tier-1 cloud providers, data centers, and hosting providers.

This means you're in able hands when you're thinking of activities such as scaling, automation, cloud-migration for your customers, and virtualisation.

We unburden you by optimising and managing your data center. We do this by comparing various strategic vendors and by validating best-of-breed architectures.

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Industry challenges

Do these challenges sound familiar?

Navigating the complexities of networking and security in the datacenter and cloud industry presents numerous challenges, from ensuring visibility to addressing evolving threats and compliance requirements.

Adapting to cloud visibility demands

Continuously enhancing visibility in cloud environments to effectively identify and mitigate obscured security threats.

Addressing the escalation of data breaches

Proactively fortifying defences against the increasing and evolving risks of data breaches in a digital-first world.

Compliance and data privacy

Diligently navigating the labyrinth of regulations and compliance, aligning data management strategies with global standards.

Optimising network design and technology choices

Strategically selecting and implementing network designs and technologies to meet the dynamic demands of modern business.

Bridging the expertise gap in complex architectures

Actively seeking and integrating specialised knowledge to manage and optimise intricate IT architectures.

Streamlining IT management processes

Innovating management approaches to oversee complex activities and processes in IT environments more efficiently.

Balancing TCO with OPEX and CAPEX

Skillfully managing financial aspects of IT investments, focusing on lowering the Total Cost of Ownership while balancing operational and capital expenditures.

Executing large-scale IT projects successfully

Navigating the challenges of large-scale and long-term IT projects with precision and strategic foresight for sustained success.

Interconnecting NorthC data centres in the cloud ecosystem

NorthC, a prominent player in regional data centres, colocation, and connectivity services, operates ten data centres in the Netherlands and two in Germany. Serving diverse sectors such as business, finance, government, IT services, healthcare, and both small and large enterprises, NorthC provides tailored connectivity and hybrid cloud solutions.

In collaboration with our partner Nokia, we've successfully implemented an integrated IP/optical data centre interconnect solution for the NorthC Region Connect Ring. This joint effort has established a nationwide virtual data centre network through robust fibre optic connections, delivering significant advantages to our clients. The high-speed Region Connect Ring ensures scalable and dependable interconnection among data centres and cloud services.

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Featured solutions

Tailored to your needs

Our strength lies in our flexibility and focus on developing custom solutions for our customers. Discover in which areas we can support your IT team.

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    "We can discuss new ideas and innovations with Nomios Netherlands. They are always available for technical support. Choosing a supplier like Nomios Netherlands isn’t just about an RFP process, it’s about getting honest advice and creative ideas."

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    Jeroen Stevens
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    "To create a future proof telco cloud, our IT team set out to build one of the most advanced, operationally efficient network data centres possible, with the support of Nomios Netherlands."

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    Akim Ziadi
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    "Based on my experience I would certainly recommend people to contact Nomios and ask them to help you out, because they will get you to the next level."

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    "Nomios Netherlands has been a high-quality partner for us for many years – a real trusted advisor for all our network and security issues."

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