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Juniper Networks Elevate Awards 2020

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The Juniper Networks Elevate Awards 2020 have been presented. We congratulate all winners on achieving this award and also the nominees on their honourable mention. Only real network innovators have a chance to win this award. Our customer Post Luxembourg won in the category 'Business Reinvention' and VolkerWessels received an honourable mention in the category 'AI Innovation'. We would like to congratulate them in particular.

What are the Elevate Awards?

The Elevate Awards are for network innovators from around the world who use Juniper's technology and solutions to deliver extraordinary results for their businesses, customers and the world. The award is available in several categories: AI innovation, data centre of the future, service excellence, service provider transformation, lean IT machine, business reinvention, customer first and community impact.

Post Luxembourg - Business Reinvention

This major telecom provider uses QFX switches and MX routers to automate the use of services, deliver new cloud services with built-in security and prepare for future innovation and growth. In this major project we helped in the search for the most suitable solution and together with Post Lux we found that the Contrail Enterprise Multicloud platform with Juniper Insights met all criteria and was in line with POST Luxembourg's vision on intent-driven network automation. The strong partnership between Infradata and supplier Juniper has resulted in a flexible telco cloud for POST Luxembourg that is scalable when delivering services to its customers.

VolkerWessels Telecom - AI Innovation

The goal of VolkerWessles Telecom was to create a turnkey managed service to simplify networking for smart buildings and telecom providers. To this end, Juniper used various technology solutions, including Mist Wired assurance, Mist Edge and Mist Cloud Services. With these solutions, they have achieved that business connectivity solutions can deliver to clients in the telecom, real estate and other sectors. They have also ushered in an era of smart buildings to support a more secure and sustainable life. They are now also able to rapidly implement and troubleshoot wired and wireless network operations. VolkerWessels Telecom has entered into a partnership with Infradata to ensure the success of this project.

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