SIEM and the scaleup

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You’re a scaleup and your number one priority is to grow – as quickly as possible. The chances are that digital transformation is nothing new to you, in fact, your business was more than likely born in the cloud. Free from the constraints of legacy IT systems and a fragmented infrastructure, you are perfectly positioned to take advantage of the flexibility that cloud and consumption-based solutions provide.

On other hand, just like many other organisations with a digital charter, your IT staff could well be grappling with the common burdens of modest IT teams. How to balance every day operational requirements with the continual digital innovation that will fuel future growth?

When it comes to cybersecurity these pressures are even more acute. As digital channels expand so the attack surface grows, yet IT security is a specialist area and skills have never been more scarce. If the precious few resources you do have are endlessly firefighting and responding to the latest unplanned issue, how can they step back and plan for the expansion that is yet to come?

Noise for the IT staff and cybersecurity reporting tools

Automation is a key theme across the IT spectrum, and it is just as relevant to security as anything else. The perpetrators of cyberattacks use sophisticated tools to execute attacks, it therefore follows that those on the front line of identifying and remediating threats should have a similar arsenal at their disposal. Most organisations will have deployed a variety of security products as part of their IT security defence, but with so many tools generating reports and alerts that’s a lot of noise for IT staff to sift through.

This is where a Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) solution can help. A SIEM can take all of the information from multi-vendor security products and collate them into a single view of what is happening across the organisation. Effective security requires visibility across all of your endpoints, devices and infrastructure in real-time, but it also entails intelligence – taken in context, which behaviours and incidents truly represent a threat? This is the question that an effective SIEM solution will address.

Still not sure if SIEM is for you? If you recognise that the velocity, volume and complexity of cyberattacks is only going to increase, and you don’t want to sacrifice valuable resources that could be better directed towards facilitating top-line growth, then the answer should be yes.

But for all that SIEM could do for you, you must also be prepared to give something back. It is not enough to have the intelligence and analysis delivered by a SIEM, you must also be prepared to act on it. A SIEM can be your guide to the issues and resolutions that should truly demand your attention, freeing up time for higher-value activities. All you have to do is follow it.

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