Solcon and Infradata on telephony platform

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Leiden, 26 September 2011 – Internet provider Solcon and network integrator Infradata have joined forces to upgrade the Solcon telephony platform. To upgrade the platform, Solcon will install the Session Border Controllers (SBC) by Acme Packet in its network.

Solcon has developed into a full-fledged supplier of Internet, telephony and hosting services in the past few years. Solcon services both the consumer as well as the business market from branches in the Netherlands and Romania. The Acme Packet solution will be used to optimize the “Telephony Basis” consumer service.

An SBC allows you to control VoIP signaling and the data streams that are required for establishing, transmitting and ending a phone call. The SBC is an essential element in the network for virtually every VoIP provider. Because the SBC by Acme Packet supports nearly all telephone switchboards, the connection between various networks is simplified. It also offers the required security of VoIP. Organizations such as Solcon can connect new customers faster. The implementation cycle is simple and short. The ROI for offering VoIP services is relatively fast this way.

Last year the total number of Voice over IP connections rose by more than 11% to about 4 million connections by the end of 2010. Infradata has noticed that there has been widespread acceptance for making calls through VoIP on the Dutch market in the meantime. Robbie van Rooijen, Sales Executive at Infradata: “We are seeing an increase of Session Border Controller integrations in converged voice and data networks, such as at Solcon.”

For more information, go to: Solcon and Acme Packet

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