Yandex starts cooperation with Infradata

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Leiden, 10 May 2011 – Russian’s biggest search engine Yandex has entered into a cooperation agreement with Infradata to expand its services to Western Europe. To this end, Yandex has installed new core routers by Juniper Networks - via Infradata - in Amsterdam that are connected to the AMS-IX. Yandex thereby intends to compete against established brand Google.

The Russian Yandex, short for “Yet Another Indexer,” handles some 66% of Russian Internet searches and earns about 80% of its income from online advertisements. Google lags behind Yandex in Russia with a scant 21%. Yandex was developed in the 1980s when businesses suddenly had to be established at universities in Gorbachev’s time. While the term “I’ll Google it" has become entrenched in our vernacular, you will hear this phrase very seldom or never in the countries of the former Soviet Union. Logically, “I’ll Yandex it” is the standard there.

At first glance, Yandex and Google appear very similar. Yandex also has an enormous range of services, from photo albums to marketplaces, from blog searches to very detailed map services. However, the big difference is that Yandex understands Russian and noticed that this requires a different programming language. Yandex is still largely in the hands of engineers and operates on a strong and academic tradition in the Russian scientific world.

“We at Infradata are very proud that an enormous, Russian-based company has chosen us to roll out its services in Western Europe. This is a fantastic signal that shows that we have also established a good reputation outside of the Benelux countries,” says Sjors Teeuwen, Marketing Manager at Infradata.

For more information, go to: Yandex and Juniper Networks

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