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A10 Networks SSL/TLS visibility

A comprehensive SSL/TLS decryption solution that enables your security devices to efficiently analyze all enterprise traffic while ensuring compliance, privacy, and boosting ROI.

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A10 Thunder® SSLi

The most comprehensive decryption solution, A10 Thunder® SSLi (SSL Insight) decrypts traffic across all ports, enabling third-party security devices to analyse all enterprise traffic without compromising performance.

Eliminate the blind spot

Thunder SSLi eliminates the blind spot introduced by SSL encryption by offloading CPU-intensive SSL decryption and encryption functions from third-party security devices while ensuring compliance with privacy standards.

While dedicated security devices provide in-depth inspection and analysis of network traffic, they are not designed to decrypt and encrypt traffic at high speeds. In fact, many security products do not have the ability to decrypt traffic at all.

Thunder SSLi boosts the performance of the security infrastructure by decrypting traffic and forwarding it to one or more third-party security devices, such as a firewall for deep packet inspection (DPI).

Thunder SSLi re-encrypts traffic and forwards it to the intended destination. Response traffic is also inspected in the same way.

Thunder SSLi

Key benefits

  • Enable your security devices to detect and stop hidden threats
  • Augment your entire security infrastructure, including inline, out-of-band and ICAP enabled devices
  • Gain full control over cypher selection to ensure continued security
  • Ensure compliance with security and privacy standards like HIPAA, PCI and GDPR
  • Maintain granular, policy-based control over your network traffic
  • Ensure user privacy with traffic categorisation and bypassing
  • Secure your investments by eliminating the blind spot that affects your existing security devices
  • Boost the performance of your security infrastructure by off-loading decryption
  • Avoid unnecessarily replacing or upgrading your existing devices
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