A trifecta of new security solutions from CrowdStrike

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CrowdStrike® is off to a great start in 2018 and has been busy delivering on its mission of providing the most powerful endpoint protection in the industry. We are extremely excited to announce the Spring Platform Release — a trifecta of new security solutions.

These new solutions continue to demonstrate CrowdStrike's leadership and expertise in the industry by pushing the envelope on proactive security, conserving internal security resources and enabling instant response access across distributed enterprises.

CrowdStrike Falcon X™

The new threat analysis module, CrowdStrike Falcon X™, expands the Falcon platform and enables customers to pivot from a reactive security posture to a predictive one. Falcon X is the first commercial product to effectively automate the entire threat analysis process and deliver actionable intelligence and customized indicators of compromise (IOCs) specifically tailored for the threats encountered.

Built on the CrowdStrike Falcon platform, Falcon X empowers customers of all sizes to better understand the threats they face and quickly improve defences. Customized IOCs are immediately shared with other security tools via API, streamlining and automating the protection workflow. Cyber threat intelligence relating to the encountered attack is displayed alongside the alert, making it quick and easy for analysts to understand the threat and take action. With this new capability, customers can become proactive, mitigating their risk exposure and enhancing their ability to stop breaches.

Falcon EPP Complete™

The EPP Complete solution combines the effectiveness of the Crowdstrike Falcon platform with the efficiency of a dedicated team of CrowdStrike security professionals. Falcon’s best-in-class prevention, detection, response, and IT hygiene capabilities already provide a powerful defence against threats of all types, from commodity malware attacks to the rapidly changing tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) used by the world's most skilled and determined adversaries. Combining the Falcon platform with CrowdStrike's security experts provides 100 percent worry-free, turnkey endpoint security.

By unifying all the elements needed to handle every aspect of endpoint security into a single turnkey offering, every organization now has access to a complete, hassle-free security solution that instantly puts them on par with the world's best-protected private and public organizations. This new solution further completes the CrowdStrike endpoint portfolio and enables you to implement a comprehensive gamut of endpoint security options.

Falcon Insight™ Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

CrowdStrike is also announcing the addition of two new features to their Falcon Insight EDR solution. With Real-Time Response, customers have powerful interactive capabilities that deliver instant visibility into the local file system, registry, network, and more. It also allows customers to close the door on threats by killing malicious processes and removing remaining traces left behind by the attacker. Real-Time Query delivers ultimate visibility and control — empowering customers with custom-tailored information collection and response actions.

These new features empower incident responders with immediate access to systems across the distributed enterprise so that they can rapidly investigate incidents, take decisive action to eradicate threats with surgical precision, and get back to business quickly, while simultaneously minimizing the costs associated with a cyberattack.

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