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TEHTRIS DECEPTIVE RESPONSE and its honeypots simulate fake machines and services to fool intruders.

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An effective, preventive real-time alarm system

TEHTRIS Deceptive Response provides an effective real-time alarm system, upstream of intrusions, giving you an additional view of the security of your systems and infrastructures. By adding false resources to your network, these sensors lure attackers and provide you with reports and event dashboards.

Reveals the presence of a malicious actor

Unlike products that have to process billions of pieces of data, with the risk of generating false alarms, the TEHTRIS Deceptive Response service will only be called upon when there is interaction with it, because usually nobody is supposed to play or attack these fake machines that are not officially present on the network for production purposes.

An additional difficulty for hackers

When a hacker targets a network equipped with TEHTRIS Deceptive Response, he runs the risk of coming across the wrong machines, the so-called decoys, thus triggering an alarm. The hacker has no right to make a mistake, which will complicate his internal exploration sessions and lateral movements.

  • Network level extensible - can cover all the VLANs in a network zone without needing to manually deploy a fake machine in each VLAN.
  • Risk-free integration - does not modify systems in production, simply adding dummy machines, without the risk of disrupting existing elements.
  • Increased power - includes a fleet of honeypots natively integrated into the TEHTRIS XDR Platform with tools for SOAR, CTI, Hunting, Compliance, incident management, etc.
  • Security - runs on appliances using the TEHTRIX distribution, whose entire disk is encrypted, with advanced protection mechanisms such as RBAC in the kernel and anti-0-day protection.
  • Simplicity - considerably simplifies the complexity of honeypot projects, in operated mode, with TEHTRIS handling deployment and operational maintenance.
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