Webinar: 5 steps to simplify and secure your network

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Juniper Networks

Join Juniper Networks' webinar on Network Access Control (NAC)

Many of today’s network security solutions are complex and often lack the agility and scale of the cloud. They also often require customers to maintain their hardware and software infrastructure.

There’s a better way. Juniper Mist Cloud revolutionises the experience-first network for user and device security, with a cloud-based solution that eliminates the struggles of design, deployment, and Day 0/1/2 operations.

Join the webinar to:

  • Uncover the challenges of existing on-prem network access solutions and the benefits of a cloud-based microservices architecture
  • Learn about IT-friendly authorization policy frameworks for building zero-trust access control policies
  • See end-to-end connectivity troubleshooting in a unified view from the Mist Cloud, streamlining Day 0-2 support

Webinar languages and dates:

  • Dutch: Thursday 15 June, 10am CEST
  • German: Friday 16 June, 11am CEST
  • English: Thursday 22 June, 3pm BST

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