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Telenet selects Infradata for their Next-Gen Equipment Identity Register

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Infradata deploys BroadForward's Next Generation Equipment Identity Register (EIR) at Telenet, enabling central verification of devices across legacy and next-generation mobile networks.

Telenet Group, the largest provider of cable broadband services and the third largest mobile operator in Belgium, announced today that it has selected Infradata to replace its existing legacy Equipment Identity Register (EIR) with the BroadForward Next Generation EIR.

Telenet offers quadruple-play services consisting of video, broadband internet, and fixed-line telephony (VoIP) as well as mobile voice and data services to 4.9 million service subscribers. The acquisition of mobile operator Base enables Telenet to benefit from considerable operating synergies between their fixed and mobile network assets. The world's largest international TV and broadband company, Liberty Global, owns a 57.8% stake in Telenet.

Infradata is the leading expert and certified reseller of the entire range of BroadForward products, which include next-generation products for routing, interworking, security and number portability. Infradata is selected by Telenet based on their extensive experience in the design, implementation and support of BroadForward products.

The Next Generation EIR is a software-based, multi-protocol solution, designed to allow or block devices across 2G/3G, 4G/LTE, 5G and Fixed networks. It supports black-, grey- and whitelisting, an unlimited number of customized lists (e.g. VIP list, exception list, suspect IoT devices etc.), and works for both individual IMEIs as well as IMEI ranges. Furthermore, the BroadForward EIR enables Telenet to generate device type reporting (model/type/software version) as well as reporting and notification at black- and grey-list detection.

Luk Bruynseels, VP Mobile Technology at Telenet, about selecting Infradata, "In a converged network such as ours, the ability to manage access of devices to our networks is vital. We have to keep in mind that on a global scale it is expected that Internet Of Things (IoT) sensors and devices alone will exceed mobile phones as the largest category of connected devices already in 2018. As the leading expert in BroadForward products, Infradata detected and fulfilled our need for a Next Generation EIR, enabling us to extend our device management and security capabilities to cover more device types across multiple networks."

Infradata Managing Director Nico van Buitenen added: "The Telenet strategy is to integrate their mobile and fixed network assets to build easy-to-use quadruple-play products. This includes voice, internet, television, and mobile services. Infradata brings unique expertise to the table to support Telenet with the implementation and support of all BroadForward products. With this Next Generation EIR deployment, we provide a uniform security function that works across legacy, current and future networks, supporting Telenet in their strategy for convergence and transition to 5G."

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