A tree for every optic: how Nomios commits to reforestation

Jan-Willem Sipman
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Jan-Willem Sipman , Sales Director & Sustainability Lead , Nomios Netherlands

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At Nomios, we truly believe in making a positive impact and in powering a sustainable future for our clients, people and planet. By leveraging our ecosystem of partners, our purpose is to inspire our employees, suppliers and customers to contribute to sustainable initiatives for a positive impact on our planet.

We are therefore committed to offsetting carbon emissions through various sustainability initiatives. One has been the pledge to plant a tree for every Nomios optic we sell. Our telco team recently visited the Rif region in Northern Morocco with the goal of planting 5000 trees. With the help of the local non-profit, we contribute to a resurgence of trees in the North-African mountains.

Permaculture principles in Morocco

It’s a sunny day in the city of Nador. A light sea breeze blows through the narrow streets between the buildings which display traditional Moroccan architecture and Spanish influences.

Situated on the Northern Moroccan coast, Nador is surrounded by the breathtaking mountains and valleys of the Rif region. Well-known for its floral and faunal diversity, it's the home of Permarif, the non-profit that tirelessly plants various types of trees throughout the region to combat deforestation and forest uniformity.

Permarif is committed to farmland recovery in the region by permaculture principles (care for people, care for the earth and sharing abundance.): the practice of developing sustainable and self-sufficient ecosystems. Following a set of design principles, they plant various native fruit trees in the region to bring back ecological and economical harmony in the region.

Its Dutch sister organisation, Riforest, coordinates its activities from the Netherlands. Riforest provides Permarif with aid and support in establishing food forests on local farmers' land. Think of olive, fig, carob, pomegranate and almond trees, but also pears and mulberries.

Through educational projects, Riforest also contributes to awareness programs on water management, composting and sustainable farming methods for local farming families. Riforest has now planted over 100,000 fruit and nut trees in the Rif region.

Nomios' Technology Lead, Mohamed al Ayachi, is a member of Riforest's board and has a close connection to its reforestation efforts in Morocco:

“We all take responsibility for our planet. The question is where to start and does my contribution make an impact? I joined Riforest for their simple idea: it’s never too late to plant a tree! By simply planting a fruit tree and another one… a food forest arises which will produce food in a sustainable way. The proceeds can be sold or processed in cooperatives into organic products (economic activity). Another advantage of these food forests is that more water is retained in the area by the developing plant life. This is good for the soil, people and animals and with this, we can stop desertification and soil erosion.”
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Collaboration: a tree for every optic

Together with Riforest in the Netherlands and Permarif in Morocco, we ensure a long-standing partnership for replanting trees in line with permaculture principles. We also partnered with Trees For All to expand our reforestation efforts on a global scale. By providing our own sustainable optics, we plant a tree for each one we sell all over the world. 5000 is just the beginning.

Nomios & CSR

Our efforts go beyond reforestation. Our focus is on entire product lifecycles, creating transparency in processes and ensuring we are always ahead of the newest developments within sustainability. We have developed our social responsibility mission statement and ensure it reflects in every aspect of our decision-making: from our efforts with vendors all to way to recycling at our offices.

Future plans

Doing our part for the planet is a never-ending commitment. So far we have compensated over 200 tons of CO2 each year since 2019. Our aim is to intertwine sustainability practices in each aspect of our business. That's why we are working with our technology vendors to understand our solutions' life cycles in the utmost detail. Next to this, we are working with 30 large technology companies and the EANTC to develop an independent energy label to facilitate end-users in making sustainable decisions when developing technology solutions.

Learn more about how we make a difference

Would you like to learn more about our sustainability initiatives? Feel free to contact our Sustainability Lead, Jan-Willem Sipman via [email protected].

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