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Monitor and detect network intrusions in real time with TEHTRIS Network Traffic Analysis (NTA).

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Malicious activity leaves significant traces on networks, which are often under-exploited. Attacks can only be contained by increased monitoring. With TEHTRIS NTA, you can monitor your networks: the detection of abnormal activity in traffic strengthens your ability to react.

Based on flow capture, TEHTRIS NTA monitors flows in and out of a given perimeter, as well as any lateral movements that might occur. With a database of over 60,000 qualified rules, TEHTRIS NTA detects abnormal traffic activity 24/7 using network signature analysis and behavioural analysis (TEHTRIS CYBERIA Artificial Intelligence). Adapted to both IT and OT environments, our solution reinforces cybersecurity on devices that are often forgotten (printers, industrial robots, etc.). No additional deployment or maintenance process is required on your part.

Integrated with the TEHTRIS XDR Platform, NTA alerts enrich your investigation contexts when an anomaly or suspicious activity (scan, exploit, etc.) is spotted on your networks.

Benefits of TEHTRIS NTA:

  • Rapid deployment and integration
  • Flow monitoring for all machines connected to your networks, both internal and external (service providers, visitors, etc.)
  • + 60,000 MITRE-compatible rules updated continuously
  • + 40 alert categories
  • Forensic analysis based on Raw Data
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