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Automatically detect and neutralise known and unknown threats in real-time.

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Put a stop to your cybersecurity technical debt

Eliminate your technical debt with TEHTRIS OPTIMUS EDR, the hyper-automated sovereign EDR solution since 2013. Their cutting-edge technology encompasses multiple detection and neutralisation engines capable of analysing the most advanced threats in real-time, without any human intervention.

TEHTRIS OPTIMUS EDR stands as a pioneer and innovator in the EDR space. Designed for efficient defence, it can rapidly deploy thousands of EDR agents within 24 hours, detect covert espionage operations without relying on weapons or malware, identify hacker techniques, and respond autonomously. The SaaS-based solution, delivered through the cloud, is proactive in anticipating, preventing, detecting, and responding to cybersecurity threats.

We believe in the convergence of EDR and EPP (Endpoint Protection Platform) technologies. By integrating TEHTRIS OPTIMUS EDR with your existing EPP solution, you can enhance your detection capabilities. While EPP focuses on blocking known and identified signatures, TEHTRIS OPTIMUS EDR neutralises new cyberattacks and unknown or malicious behaviours. It effectively safeguards against complex attacks that might slip through EPP defences. You can autonomously install the EPP module alongside TEHTRIS OPTIMUS EDR. The EDR/EPP bundled solution is highly configurable, catering to the unique requirements of each customer and adaptable to any environment.



TEHTRIS OPTIMUS EDR analyses binaries and responds to unknown threats in real time using Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Low-level monitoring provides knowledge of normal behaviour to distinguish attackers, their tools and methods.

TEHTRIS OPTIMUS EDR incorporates detection and alert modules to counter ransomware that poses a threat to accessible files by attempting to destroy them during a contamination incident.

TEHTRIS OPTIMUS EDR possesses the ability to comprehend techniques used for launching script interpreters or external files, enabling comprehensive analysis to mitigate contemporary malicious workaround attempts.

TEHTRIS OPTIMUS EDR thoroughly examines actions and command lines initiated through PowerShell, promptly triggering real-time alerts and/or neutralisation. This includes all ranges of modern file-less attacks.

TEHTRIS OPTIMUS EDR detects malicious code injected into process memory to prevent the associated modern stealth intrusions.

TEHTRIS OPTIMUS EDR stands out as one of the pioneering, if not the sole, EDR solutions worldwide that can facilitate comprehensive inspection of all known vulnerabilities (CVEs) across your entire infrastructure. With over 12,000 checkpoints, it effectively minimises your exposure and ensures compliance with your risk mitigation policies.

TEHTRIS OPTIMUS EDR enables the implementation of your own security policy, allowing selective program access and targeted prohibition of threats that breach your risk aversion standards. This customisable approach ensures alignment with your specific requirements and risk tolerance levels.

TEHTRIS OPTIMUS EDR provides the capability to create and personalise technical cybersecurity policies, which can automatically generate alerts, disable, or quarantine software based on your specified preferences. This customisable feature allows for proactive and automated management of potential security threats according to your desired parameters.

TEHTRIS OPTIMUS EDR identifies vulnerable devices and enhances efficiency through TEHTRIS UES: a comprehensive console that unifies and amplifies the effectiveness of EDR, EPP, and MTD solutions. With user-friendly and robust front-end tools, the UES console provides you with advanced cybersecurity actions, ranging from immediate crisis response to ongoing monitoring.

TEHTRIS OPTIMUS EDR detects unprotected equipment.

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Enhanced real-time attack detection and neutralisation: an automated zero-click response

TEHTRIS OPTIMUS EDR leads the way as a pioneer and innovator in the future of EDR technology. It boasts the capability to deploy thousands of EDR agents within 24 hours, detecting covert espionage operations without relying on weapons or malware. With its comprehensive knowledge of hacker techniques, TEHTRIS OPTIMUS EDR proactively builds responses. Delivered as a SaaS solution through the cloud, TEHTRIS OPTIMUS EDR is committed to proactive cybersecurity, offering anticipation, prevention, detection, and rapid response.

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