Core networking

High-performance core network solutions.

As our appetite for data hungry services continues to grow so providers must continually invest in high bandwidth circuits and routers to provide the Quality of Service (QoS) that consumers have come to expect. In addition to this as power becomes more expensive and harder to facilitate in some locations so providers must seek out highly power efficient solutions as their network grows.

Service Growth

As the number of services expands across networks there is a desire to provide easy configuration of these services often via the parties who consume them. Providers are looking to software defined networking practices to help provide a differentiated level of service for customers and ultimately enable the self-provisioning of services across their network therefore reducing operational costs for providers.

Expanded Control Plane

Whilst MPLS continues to be the “protocol of choice” with many providers pushing its use closer to the customer by extending its use to the edge, some are starting to consider the use of newer protocols such as Segment Routing and SD-WAN controllers to better deliver services.

Optical Networking

As bandwidth continues to grow providers are starting to take advantage of dark fibre and are consuming CWDM (Course Wave Division Multiplexing) and DWDM (Dense Wave Division Multiplexing) technologies, either by provisioning stand-alone optical device or utilising WDM interfaces directly on routers.

How can Nomios Netherlands help?

Nomios Netherlands has been building core network infrastructure for over a decade and has in-depth knowledge of and experience in deploying both packet and optical networking technology for some of the largest providers in Europe.

Our highly trained and certified technical teams can design, deliver and operate core networks using the latest technology from providers such as Juniper Networks, Nokia and Cisco, who specialise in both low and high end routing devices that can scale from Gbps to Tbps of capacity.

Our Optical expertise enables us to deliver high capacity networks with the use of Nokia and ADVA Optical Networking products and deliver both CWDM and DWDM solutions.

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