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Cisco introduces a new, extended SASE architecture

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Cisco is launching a new comprehensive Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) offering. This is the next step to radically simplify security and networking by helping network operations (NetOps) and security operations (SecOps) teams securely connect users to applications. In addition, Cisco announces enhancements to its cloud-based platform SecureX to manage new and emerging threats faster and more effectively.

Over the past year, working from any location has become the norm. This has increased the complexity of managing networks and security. As the focus shifts from the data centre to the user, a SASE architecture is a top priority for the organisation.

Cisco SASE today and in the future

Cisco provides all the building blocks of a SASE architecture, including best-in-class networking, remote access, cloud security, zero-trust network access, and observability. Cisco’s vision is to combine these capabilities into a single subscription service and deliver seamless, secure access to any application, over any network or cloud, anywhere users work.

In addition, Cisco continues to rapidly deliver features that unlock new SASE use cases, including:

  • Data Loss Prevention: Cisco Umbrella data loss prevention (DLP) enables organizations to discover and block sensitive data being transmitted to unwanted destinations while preventing data exfiltration and supporting compliance mandates.
  • Remote Browser Isolation: Cisco Umbrella remote browser isolation enables users to safely browse websites while protecting end-user devices and corporate networks from browser-based exploits.
  • Cloud Malware Detection: Cisco Umbrella cloud malware detection finds and removes malware from cloud-based file storage applications. As more organizations move business-critical data to cloud-based applications, they need to ensure that users can access them, even from unmanaged devices, and that those cloud applications are safe.
  • Observability: Part of the new SASE offer, ThousandEyes’ internet and cloud intelligence continues to enable organizations’ visibility and actionable insights into every network, from any user to any application, so they can remediate incidents quickly and maintain reliable connectivity and digital experience.

Continued SecureX innovation to radically simplify security

In addition to simplifying the SASE journey for customers, Cisco is also on a mission to further simplify and protect against emerging threats. Today, Cisco is delivering complete protection from endpoint to the cloud with SecureX platform enhancements that reduce dwell time for SecOps and automate tasks involved with detecting and remediating threats. New automated workflows include SolarWinds supply chain attack investigation, phishing investigations and threat investigations using the latest intel from Cisco Talos, one of the largest commercial threat intelligence teams in the world. These enhancements reduce time to detect threats by 95 percent, and time to remediate by 85 percent.

On top of adding simplicity at the platform level, Cisco is also announcing integration and automation at the endpoint. Cisco Secure Client, a newly integrated connector for Cisco Secure Endpoint, AnyConnect, and Umbrella, simplifies deployment and management for greater efficiency and efficacy.

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