Infradata supports Ziggo with security migration

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Leiden, 20 July 2011 – Ziggo and network integrator Infradata have joined forced to replace the firewalls in Ziggo’s operational network. After a comprehensive technical selection process, Ziggo opted for the firewall solutions by Juniper Networks and chose Infradata for delivery and implementation.

Ziggo is a national provider of media and communication services. Ziggo services some 3.1 million households, 1.6 million broadband Internet customers, 1.9 million digital television consumers and 1.2 million telephony subscribers. The small and large business markets use products and services such as telephony, data communication and electronic payment options. The service area – with a strongly regional basis – is spread across all of the Netherlands.

Due to increasing competition and dynamics on the cable market, providers such as Ziggo are forced to elevate their service level even more on the one hand while constantly marketing new services on the other hand. Ziggo works together intensively with Infradata at both levels. Both parties have an active relationship both in regard to the rollout of the Ziggo Business Internet Plus service as well as in the area of security optimization within the operational network.

“Both the Ziggo and Infradata project teams have put forth excellent work,” according to Pieter Vogelaar, Director Sales at Infradata. “It is also clearly evident that the cable providers have to reassess how they can improve certain aspects on account of the dynamics on the cable market. It’s nice to see a company such as Ziggo taking such a pro-active Ziggo in this.

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