Linx Telecom selected Infradata to support international MPLS network

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Infradata, network integrator for the service provider market has settled a deal to fully support the international MPLS network of Linx Telecom mostly situated in Eastern Europe. Infradata delivers hardware and software support to the network of Linx Telecom which exists of mostly Juniper MX Routers. Future expand of the network will also go through Infradata.

Linx Telecom is an international telecom organization which offers cost effective connections between Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Georgia, Ukraine and Russia and big interconnectivity points in Western Europe and Northern America with state of the art high speed services.

“By signing up Linx Telecom, Infradata expands its international network to Eastern Europe. This is a great development for our business and tells us we still have a good business case”: says Leon de Keijzer, Managing Director of Infradata. “By selecting Infradata, Linx Telecom stipulates the high demands in the quality of their services. We are very pleased with the choice of Linx Telecom and look forward to a good cooperation in the forthcoming years”.

For more information: Linx Telecom and Juniper Networks

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