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PTX series packet transport routers

Built to optimise IP/MPLS core, peering, metro, and converged IP and optical networks.

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Converged Supercore: Physical and Virtual Innovations, World-Class Silicon and SDN Programmability—Juniper’s Perspective

PTX Series routers form the foundation of the Converged Supercore® architecture, providing performance, optical transport integration, and elegant deployment. They support high-density 100GbE environments, with energy efficiency of less than half a watt per Gbps.

PTX series


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PTX series packet transport routers

Juniper Networks PTX1000

With 2.88 Tbps of forwarding capacity, the PTX1000 supports flexible interface configuration options ranging from 288 10GbE interfaces using a quad small form-factor pluggable plus (QSFP+) breakout module, 72 GbE interfaces at 40 Gbps using a QSFP+ breakout module, and 24 100GbE interfaces using QSFP28.

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PTX series packet transport routers

Juniper Networks PTX3000

Featuring 300 mm ETSI-compliant depth, 8 Tbps of forwarding capacity, and less than half a watt per Gbps power consumption, the PTX3000 achieves new limits of efficiency. Compared to similar products, the PTX3000 outperforms the competition by two to six times on efficiency metrics of power, cooling, and space. At the same time, it delivers very dense, fully integrated photonics and coherent dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) 100GbE transport.

Placeholder for Juniper ptx5000Juniper ptx5000

PTX series packet transport routers

Juniper Networks PTX5000

The PTX5000 Packet Transport Router provides high-density 10GbE, 40GbE, and 100GbE interfaces for large networks and network applications, addressing the needs of Internet service providers and high-volume content providers.

Placeholder for Juniper ptx10001 36mrJuniper ptx10001 36mr

PTX series packet transport routers

Juniper Networks PTX10001-36MR

Fast-growing applications such as telco cloud, 5G mobility, artificial intelligence (AI), and 4K video streaming are placing massive bandwidth demands on networks, driving the need for more scalable, flexible, and secure infrastructures. To keep pace with relentless growth, network operators are looking toward high-density, high-efficiency 100GbE and 400GbE platforms built for the most demanding environments.

Placeholder for Juniper qfxserie 10002Juniper qfxserie 10002

PTX series packet transport routers

Juniper Networks PTX10002

The space-efficient PTX10002 is designed to scale for exponential traffic growth in cloud and service provider networks. It addresses power and 100GbE interconnect challenges, and is ideal for space-constrained peering and collocation facilities and central office locations in emerging markets where space and power are at a premium.

Placeholder for Juniper ptx10003Juniper ptx10003

PTX series packet transport routers

Juniper Networks PTX10003

The scalable PTX10003 Packet Transport Router delivers critical core routing functions on demand while providing high-density 10GbE, 40GbE, 100GbE, 200GbE, and 400GbE interfaces for distributed core networks and network applications.

Placeholder for Juniper qfx10008Juniper qfx10008

PTX series packet transport routers

PTX10004, PTX10008, PTX10016

The modular, cloud-optimized Juniper Networks PTX10004, PTX10008, and PTX10016 Series Routers address the massive bandwidth demands being placed on networks. With high scalability, 400GbE in-line MACsec, and power efficiency of 0.14W per gigabit, these routers deliver extraordinary capacity for space- and power-constrained peering and collocation facilities, using minimal rack units.

PTX series


Converged Supercore® architecture helps service providers take the uncertainty and high costs out of core, peering, metro, and converged IP and optical network planning and provisioning.

The only routers in the world that can fully converge IP with optical in a package that can be deployed in any telco environment.

PTX Series routers provide up to 3 Tbps per slot.

PTX3000 is the industry’s only 300 mm ETSI-compliant core router.

NorthStar Controller gives network operators global network visibility and intimate traffic engineering control for PTX Series routers.

Up to 3 Tbps per slot, powered by custom Juniper Networks ExpressPlus™ silicon, enables service providers to increase capacity without expanding their network and facilities footprint.

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