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Vectra Cognito Detect Office 365

Stop attacks in Office 365 and all your SaaS applications federated with Azure AD.

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Detect for Office 365 and Azure AD ingests activity logs from multiple services like O365, Azure AD, SharePoint/OneDrive, Teams, and Exchange. The Vectra Cognito AI has a deep understanding of Office 365 application semantics and leverages supervised and unsupervised Machine Learning models. By analyzing events like logins, file creation/manipulation, DLP configuration, and mailbox routing configuration & automation changes, it accurately finds attacker behavior patterns across the entire Attacker Kill Chain. The result is high precision actionable detections instead of anomaly alerts that accurately expose even novel and never seen before attackers with high confidence. The detections are correlated to all accounts devices involved which provides the security team the prioritization and narrative to act quickly

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Vectra Detect Office 365

Identify and stop data breaches

Widespread threat coverage – Stop data breaches by detecting threats in Office 365 and Azure AD federated applications by leveraging AI to identify malicious behaviors and hijacked accounts.

In minutes with a cloud-native approach that quickly starts to monitor, detect and stop attacks.

Comprehensive security coverage between Office 365, Azure AD, and your local enterprise infrastructure.

Unknown and known attacks and account takeovers in real time before they lead to data breaches.

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