Managed SIEM services

Enterprise-grade SIEM to protect and secure your critical data from ever-changing cyber threats.

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Managed SIEM

Maximise threat detection with the latest event management technology and dedicated cyber security experts.

As your business grows and the threats aimed at compromising it evolve, effective mitigation of cyber security risk now requires real-time threat monitoring to provide full visibility of network activity.

Managed SIEM, our managed detection and response service, combines security information and event management (SIEM) technology with dedicated security experts to offer 24/7 network and endpoint monitoring and investigation of your organisation’s network traffic.

Certified to deploy and manage a range of SIEM solutions, our experienced Security Operations Centre (SOC) analysts and engineers are highly adept at identifying security threats to save your in-house teams the time-consuming and complex task of investigating real-time and historical network and security events to identify genuine threats from false positives.

Why Nomios for your Managed SIEM?

Nomios provides a comprehensive and expert-led outsourcing service for managing Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems. This solution tackles the complexities of SIEM management, offering robust, compliant, and cost-effective cybersecurity with continuous monitoring by seasoned professionals.

Outsourcing SIEM to Nomios brings significant budgetary benefits, reducing the need for specialized staff and infrastructure. Our tailored solutions ensure a strong return on investment and adhere to strict regulatory standards, streamlining compliance and audits. This approach allows organizations to concentrate on their core business, knowing their cybersecurity is in expert hands.

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Outsourcing SIEM management to Nomios

The reasons why to outsource your SIEM-management differs per organisation. We present you the main benefits. Read more about the benefits of outsourcing SIEM.

Access to expertise and experience

Cost and operational efficiency gains

Scalability and flexibility

Reduced burden of recruitment and training

24/7 monitoring and support

You focus on core business activities

Compliance and reporting

Rapid implementation and up-to-date solutions

You can trust in our managed security services

Managed security leverages our investment in threat intelligence, advanced analytics, and security expertise to provide consistent, repeatable, and transparent services that identify and stop advanced threats, while providing insight and metrics into security posture and trends.

Trained and certified engineers carry out efficient, best practice, and compliant change management processes for networking and security devices and controls. Using extensive threat intelligence, analysts optimize the allocation of scarce resources by focusing on threats and vulnerabilities actively being exploited.

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