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Flowmon Anomaly Detection System is at the forefront of the technology-driven battle against modern cyber threats that bypass traditional perimeter and endpoint security. Whenever new security or operational issues arise, Flowmon ADS is the light providing IT professionals with detailed network visibility and powerful behaviour analytics to take decisive actions and manage the network with confidence.


Key features and benefits

icon Automation
Threats are detected instantly and automatically.
icon Early threat alerting
Early threat alerting
Behaviour pattern recognition detects threats in their infancy.
icon Noiseless insight
Noiseless insight
Machine learning and other sophisticated algorithms combined to deliver accurate insights.
icon Low rate of false positives
Low rate of false positives
Behaviour patterns, reputation feeds, and IoCs to complement NBA.
icon NetOps and SecOps together
NetOps and SecOps together
Flowmon ADS is a common grounds for collaboration on incident resolution.
icon Short incident response time
Short incident response time
Context-rich incident visualisation for instant remediation.
icon Low and slow stage detection
Low and slow stage detection
Attacks are detected before traffic spikes, preventing danger from escalating.
icon SecOps ecosystem integration
SecOps ecosystem integration
The solution is integrable with event logging, ticketing and incident response systems.

Advantage at every stage of compromise

Traditional signature and rule-based detection approach like firewall, IDS/IPS or antivirus focus on securing perimeter and endpoints. Effective though they are in detecting initial infection by known malicious code or behaviour, they offer no protection beyond perimeter and endpoint - a vast area where insider threats occur. Exploiting this gap is the most common way of stealing data. Insider threats can only be uncovered by detecting the slightest anomalies that show indicators of compromise.

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