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IPAM for Microsoft

Extend your Microsoft investment with Infoblox IPAM.

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Optimise efficiency, visibility, and security

The success of IT decision-making is directly correlated to the accurate and in-depth address-level details of an IP Address Management (IPAM) system.

Gaps in Microsoft IPAM create an inconsistency between the current state of network topology and the information contained in Microsoft Active Directory (AD). This could lead to outright outages of basic services such as user authentication and file availability. Further, Microsoft server IPAM is limited to an individual forest requiring multiple server logins to manage multiple forests.

Infoblox IPAM integrates seamlessly with Microsoft AD Sites and Services and plugs this gap for both AD and network administrators. Further, Infoblox spans Microsoft forests and brings the entire Microsoft environment into a centrally managed GUI, offering unprecedented visibility, operational efficiency and service uptime.

Agentless integration with AD sites

Infoblox provides a seamless and agentless IPAM implementation that requires no change to Microsoft Active Directory and/or existing applications. Infoblox integrates seamlessly, using the same native program calls used by Microsoft.

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Manage Windows servers across multiple domains

Infoblox IPAM for Microsoft provides comprehensive visibility across all domains and forests. With Infoblox IPAM, organisation gain support for managing multiple forests, for example during Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) without network outages from overlapping IP addresses.

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Compliance requirements and audits are a breeze!

With Infoblox IPAM you can gain extensive reporting, auditing, and security capabilities. The organisation can automatically log all IP-related operations for compliance and reporting. Infoblox IPAM for Microsoft also contains granular control capabilities enabling security levels not available on a Microsoft server.

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Key features

icon AD integration
AD integration
Seamless and agentless IPAM implementation that requires no change to Microsoft Active Directory.
icon Consistent, centralised UI
Consistent, centralised UI
Bi-directional, centralised management with a unified UI across Microsoft and non-Microsoft devices.
icon Unmanaged device and network discovery
Unmanaged device and network discovery
Discover all devices connected to the network, and convert discovered objects into managed ones.
icon Extensible attributes
Extensible attributes
Organise and share data more effectively by using metadata to tag key IP resources.
icon Integrated workflows
Integrated workflows
Automate workflows, allocate IP addresses from a single UI and control port administration status.
icon Comprehensive network discovery
Comprehensive network discovery
With Infoblox Network Insight, gain a single collection point for viewing protocol, network infrastructure, end-host, connectivity and switch-port data.
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