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One cloud-native security platform that delivers what you need from code to cloud.

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Full Lifecycle. For any Cloud.

Prisma™ Cloud is the industry’s most comprehensive cloud-native security platform (CNSP), with the industry’s broadest security and compliance coverage—for applications, data, and the entire cloud-native technology stack—throughout the development lifecycle and across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

The platform offers an integrated approach that enables security operations and DevOps teams to collaborate effectively and accelerate secure cloud-native application development.

Prisma Cloud protects and integrates with cloud-native architectures and toolkits to ensure complete security coverage while breaking security operational silos across the entire application lifecycle. Fundamentally, it enables DevSecOps adoption and enhanced responsiveness to the changing security needs of cloud-native architectures.

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Prisma Cloud pillars

icon Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)
Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)
Monitor posture, detect and respond to threats, maintain compliance.
icon Cloud Workload Protection
Cloud Workload Protection
Secure hosts, containers, and serverless across the application cycle
icon Cloud Network Security
Cloud Network Security
Gain network visibility, enforce microsegmentation, and secure trust boundaries.
icon Cloud infrastructure entitlement management
Cloud infrastructure entitlement management
Enforce permissions and secure identities across workloads and clouds
Prisma Cloud

Key benefits

Secure infrastructure, applications and data across hybrid and multi-cloud environments with Prisma Cloud


Prisma Cloud secures the infrastructure, applications, data and entitlements across the world’s largest clouds, all from a single unified solution. With a combination of cloud service provider APIs and a unified agent framework, users gain unmatched visibility and protection.


Prisma Cloud integrates capabilities from the world’s most innovative security startups and delivers them on an enhanced platform to provide market-leading functionality across all our individual modules. From container security to threat detection to web application and API security, security teams benefit from best-in-class protection.

Full lifecycle

Prisma Cloud integrates with any continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) workflow to secure cloud infrastructure and applications early in development. Scan infrastructure-as-code (IaC) templates, container images, serverless functions and more while gaining powerful, full-stack runtime protection. This is unified security for DevOps and security teams.
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