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Network security client for endpoints that protects mobile users, regardless of location.

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Secure mobile workforces

The modern workforce is more mobile than ever, accessing the network from any place on any device, at any time. Endpoint antivirus and VPN technologies aren’t enough to stop advanced threats. By extending next-generation firewall capabilities through the GlobalProtect subscription, you can gain greater visibility into all traffic, users, devices, and applications. With GlobalProtect, organisations can extend consistent security policies to all users, while eliminating remote access blindspots and strengthening security.

Palo Alto GlobalProtect


GlobalProtect supports all existing PAN-OS authentication methods and provides the NGFW with a user-to-IP-address mapping for User-ID to help ensure secure access control for all mobile users. To make strong authentication even easier to use and deploy, you have access to the following features:

Multi-factor authentication

GlobalProtect uses RADIUS and SAML integrations to support a range of third-party MFA methods, including one-time password tokens, certificates, and smart cards

Cookie-based authentication

After authentication, you can use an encrypted cookie for access to a portal or gateway for the lifetime of that cookie, ensuring that protection is always present and transparent for an improved user experience.

Simplified certificate enrollment support

GlobalProtect can automate the interaction with an enterprise PKI for managing, issues, and distributing certificates.
Palo Alto GlobalProtect

Key benefits

Protect your growing workforce. GlobalProtect secures your mobile workforce, wherever they go. You benefit from:

icon Remote access VPN
Remote access VPN
Provides secure access to internal and cloud-based business applications
icon Advanced threat protection
Advanced threat protection
Stops threats from reaching the endpoint and protects agains phishing and credential theft
icon URL filtering
URL filtering
Enforces acceptable use policies, filters access to malicious domains and adult content and prevents the use of avoidance and evasion tools
icon Bring-your-own-device policies
Bring-your-own-device policies
Supports app-level VPN for user privacy and supports automated identification of unmanaged devices
icon Zero trust implementation
Zero trust implementation
Delivers reliable user identification, delivers immediate and accurate host information for visibility and policy enforcement and enforces step-up MFA to access sensitive resources

Why choose GlobalProtect?

The Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall plays a critical role in preventing breaches. Use GlobalProtect to extend the protection of the platform to users wherever they go. By using GlobalProtect, you can get consistent enforcement of security policy so that even when users leave the building, their protection from cyberattacks remains in place.

  • Control: GlobalProtect safeguards your mobile workforce by using the capabilities of your Next-Generation Firewall to inspect all traffic—incoming and outgoing.
  • Security: Enable always-on IPsec/SSL VPN connection between a variety of endpoints and operating systems to deliver transparent access to sensitive data without risk. Quarantine compromised devices with immutable characteristics on internal and external networks.
  • Visibility: Eliminate blind spots in your mobile workforce traffic with full visibility across all network traffic, applications, ports, and protocols.
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