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Trellix Intrusion Prevention System

Next-generation IPS for on-prem and virtual networks.

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  • Block More Intrusions
    Stop new and unknown attacks with signature-based and signature-less intrusion prevention systems. Signature-less intrusion detection finds malicious network traffic and stops attacks where no signatures exist.
  • Unify Virtual and Physical Security
    Support network virtualization across private and public cloud platforms to scale security and evolve with changing IT dynamics.
  • Maximize Security and Performance
    Scale hardware performance to speeds up to 100 Gbps and leverage data from multiple products.
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Next-generation IPS

icon Extend Botnet Intrusion Detection and Network Analysis
Extend Botnet Intrusion Detection and Network Analysis
Find stealthy botnets, worms, and reconnaissance attacks hiding across the network landscape.
icon Enhance Threat Correlation and Context
Enhance Threat Correlation and Context
Collect flow data from switches and routers and integrate with Network Threat Behavior Analysis to correlate unusual network behavior.
icon Deployment Flexibility
Deployment Flexibility
Discover and block advanced threats on-premises, in virtual environments, software-defined data centers, and private and public clouds.
icon Increase Virtual Network Visibility
Increase Virtual Network Visibility
Gain east-west network visibility and threat protection across virtualized infrastructure and data centers.
icon Inspect Network Traffic
Inspect Network Traffic
Decrypt and analyze network traffic with inbound and outbound SSL decryption
icon Multiple Clouds, One Purchase
Multiple Clouds, One Purchase
Install and share inspection throughput across all private, public, and hybrid clouds through shared licensing and throughput model.

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The Trellix Platform learns and adapts for living protection while delivering native and open connections and providing expert and embedded support for your team.

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