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EQIOM connects and secures branches with integrated SD-WAN and cloud security solution

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EQIOM, a subsidiary of the Irish CRH (Cement Roadstone Holdings) group with 1,500 employees, specializes in the production and distribution of building materials (cement, concrete, aggregates) for the construction and civil engineering sectors. With plants, quarries, platforms, and cement works all over France, EQIOM is recognized for the know-how and reliability of its technical, logistical, and commercial teams.


When the contract for its remote MPLS-based WAN networks was coming to an end, EQIOM turned to its long-standing partner Nomios. Together with the security and network experts at Nomios, EQIOM researched the possibilities for the renewal of its private lines and the advantages of SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide-Area Networking).

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In partnership with the telecoms operator Linkt, Nomios demonstrated the added value of an SD-WAN network to EQIOM, which ultimately opted for the Cisco Meraki SD-WAN solution for the renewal of its traditional network. Nomios configured an SD-WAN pilot at six sites, with the operator Linkt deploying it with ease using the Cisco Meraki solution. Nomios also took on the task of SD-WAN support and administration with managed services in collaboration with EQIOM.


Convinced by its performance and cost benefits, EQIOM took back control of its remote sites and its SLAs, parting company with the operator Orange. It benefited from the ease of administration offered by the cloud-based console, while securing its remote sites with the integrated Cisco Umbrella security solution, which works seamlessly with the Cisco Meraki MX security appliances.

Cisco Meraki is a leading network management solution combining several devices – such as firewall, switch, Wi-Fi, IP telephony, and IP camera – fully administered in the cloud from a single dashboard.

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Modernizing your network is child’s play with SD-WAN or SD-Branch

With increasingly diversified devices, a boom in data volume, and complex multicloud environments, companies face difficulties in exploiting their remote WAN networks. This is because their private infrastructures – based on MPLS connections – are managed by the operators, who set the prices and deployment times when a new remote site is being set up. To take back control of their connections and reduce their operating costs, they are now turning to SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide-Area Networking) solutions. SD-WAN t urns large networks into smart, Web-connected networks, superimposing an Internet layer on top of the private WAN network to optimize the use of resources and provide better usage of the bandwidth. More specifically, Cisco Meraki MX firewalls will make standard Internet access options redundant with IPsec tunnels directly linking the various remote sites with the central site.

Cisco Meraki also provides an SD Branch offer, which is easy to install and maintain, combining all the network functions (LAN, SD-WAN, Wi-Fi) and security in one single product, suitable for smaller office networks.

Cisco Meraki: Unrivalled ease of administration for flexible, secure, and economical network architectures

With Cisco Meraki, network administration is simple, integrated, and ultra-secure. With "zero-touch provisioning," a new site can be deployed in just a few days with an unrivalled level of service. Deployment, administration, and updates are handled from the cloud-based administration console and need no local IT expertise, optimizing both technical and human operating costs. This leaves the client in charge of their network with the ability to apply advanced security policies, thanks to the Cisco Meraki MX firewall plus integration with Cisco Umbrella, an innovative security barrier using the DNS layer to block threats on all ports and all protocols – even direct IP connections. Lastly, Cisco Meraki measures end-to-end network performance and identifies the application flows (critical/business/recreational) to be prioritized, giving an enhanced user experience.

About Nomios: Cisco Partner

Nomios has been an expert integrator of Cisco solutions since 2004. With more than twenty certified engineers and over 120 companies upgraded with Cisco solutions, 80% of which are IT security systems, Nomios has established itself as a strategic partner of reference to help its clients through their digital transformation and the modernization of their networks.

Cisco Meraki is an attractive option that will allow clients to implement powerful, secure SD-WAN or SD Branch solutions that are easy to deploy. Going over to SD-WAN means losing the supervision and administration services originally provided by the operators, but Nomios network and security experts can operate clients’ SD-WAN solutions through managed services at a quality level equivalent to the historic WAN operator. The managed services provided by Nomios mean that the entire life cycle of the solution can be managed, whether in terms of support in the selection of technology, commissioning or operation, etc., and the services are defined in line with genuine business needs.

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