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Global lights manufacturer Sylvania selects managed firewall services

Lighting is all-important when it comes to creating ambience in a space.

Sylvania is a leading provider of consumer, professional and architectural lighting solutions. Not only do they design, manufacture and install lighting solutions, they push the boundaries of technology and strive to innovate in everything they do. Sylvania products and solutions are used in a wide range of applications, including logistics and industry, office, retail, hospitality, museums and galleries, education and residential.

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Breached firewalls

One of Sylvania's central firewalls had been breached, causing its websites to be offline and critical systems to be malfunctioning. Despite having a redundant solution, both devices failed within two hours. Within a day Nomios Netherlands's security engineers installed a Juniper SRX Firewall as a temporary solution, ensuring Sylvania's websites were operational during the weekend. A temporary solution put in place until new firewalls would be set up.

A solution during the weekend

Even though there was a redundant setup, two firewalls were breached at practically the same time. At the time of the breach, Sylvania's supplier could not deliver replacement devices within an acceptable time frame. “Unfortunately we were in a support contract with another supplier for this redundant hardware,” Armand explains. “But because of the long August weekend, it would have taken three days to get a replacement device.” While the old provider said they couldn’t do anything until the weekend was over, Nomios Netherlands sorted the problem out by the end of Friday evening.

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Data centre update and managed firewall services

To support and protect its mission critical systems and to deliver high performance, Nomios Netherlands carried out an analysis. It revealed that the Benelux data centre had to be updated and that it needed a state-of-the-art security solutions. “Ever since then we work with Nomios Netherlands to review the network infrastructure in our data centres,” says Armand. “We are in the middle of rolling out innovative solutions with Nomios Netherlands taking care of the installation, configuration and monitoring.”

“Thanks to Nomios Netherlands’s services, we now have access to affordable, yet state-of-the-art technologies” - Armand Bovie, Global Senior ICT Manager at Sylvania

The new infrastructure and monitoring solutions enables Sylvania to prevent, detect and resolve cyberattacks and/or threats. The firewalls Sylvania uses for its websites in 48 countries have been upgraded and are fully being managed byNomios Netherlands's certified engineers. In this way Sylvania benefits from Nomios Netherlands’s structural attention to cyber security and its networking expertise, supporting Sylvania to have their mission-critical networks to be operational and protected at all times.

Next-generation security and infrastructure as a service

Our managed services help you with the operations of your technology environments. Nomios Netherlands provides you with technical expertise, service consistency, and flexibility across multiple vendors, technologies, and geographies. Reduce your overhead and improve efficiency by leveraging our scale, experience, expertise, and high levels of standardisation.

Nomios Netherlands’s expertise allows us to use more innovative IT technology and boost our system security. It makes managing our core network equipment more effective and helps us to centralize our IT infrastructure even further. Nomios Netherlands is a flexible partner that helps us to come up with ideas and respond quickly to additional and new network-related needs. That’s great for us as an industrial group and our customers.” - Armand Bovie, Global Senior ICT Manager at Sylvania
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