Diameter Signalling Controller (DSC)

A Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC) is a key element for managing and securing diameter signalling, a protocol used for control signalling in LTE networks and IP Multimedia Systems (IMS). Today's 3G and 4G mobile networks utilise the diameter protocol similar to how SS7 is used in 2G mobile networks. The first generation of DSC products was designed as a central “STP-like” elements for providing traffic management, load balancing and session binding for diameter signalling.

Next-generation DSC

For operators to stand out and be successful in the 4G/LTE world, they need to differentiate and personalise their services. This requires DSC’s to evolve from simply providing infrastructure optimisation to support complex service interactions and orchestration in next-generation networks. As such, the traditional, first-generation DSC’s no longer suffice.

Operators now need a next-generation DSC that provides:

  • An integrated platform for intelligent routing and any-to-any protocol interworking
  • Extensive mediation and service orchestration capabilities to support the fast implementation of new services and policy & charging scenarios
  • Cross-domain interworking for multi-play service offerings and seamless user experience
  • Detailed traffic insight for billing and traffic analysis
  • Low CAPEX & OPEX, running on off-the-shelf servers or virtualised

Certified integrator of next-generation DSC

Nomios Netherlands is a certified integrator of the world’s first next-generation DSC, providing any-to-any interworking, routing and service orchestration. This carrier-grade, high-performance solution is designed for enabling signalling use cases across Network and IT systems from any vendor, without the need for R&D. Nomios Netherlands, is at the forefront of guiding operators through the entire cycle of enabling diameter and non-diameter based routing and interworking. Further providing operators day-to-day hands-on support in the creative process of enabling innovative service scenarios across all their assets, such as 3G, 4G/LTE, Fixed and Wi-Fi network technologies and IT/Billing systems.

Get started with the next-generation DSC, and get a unique capability in your network to supports faster innovation at a fraction of the cost and time associated with traditional router products


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