3G-4G roaming, MAP-Diameter IWF

Software based, supporting virtualization and cloud deployment.

Interworking between existing 2G/3G networks, as well as the fast growing 4G/LTE networks, is a priority. Service providers keen to maximize mobile reach, want to enable services between LTE and existing networks, to ensure seamless service continuity for their subscribers. For (smaller) operators and MVNOs, acquiring LTE technology is a common challenge. Nomios Netherlands provides a viable alternative.

Prevent tedious and risky project execution. 3G-4G roaming and MAP-Diameter IWF enables your existing 3G network to interwork with LTE at low-cost, without requiring network equipment upgrades. With the on-board MAP-Diameter Interworking function, Nomios Netherlands provides operators and vendors with an essential capability for 4G data roaming.

Advanced MAP-Diameter Interworking Function

Nomios Netherlands offers a complete Interworking Function (IWF) between MAP-based Gr, Gf interfaces and Diameter-based S6a, S6d, S13, S13a interfaces, according to the 3GPP technical specification TS 29.305. The productized implementation of the TS 29.305 interworking function opens up immediate opportunities for vendors and operators. Use cases vary from 4G/LTE data roaming and Wi-Fi offload enabled by Nomios Netherlands, as it interacts with the HLR in the SS7 network for subscriber authentication, mobility and profile management. By deploying the Interface Gateway as a ‘Diameter front-end’ to an HLR, operators are able to offer 4G data roaming without the need to upgrade their HLR to HSS.

Supporting pre-release 8 HLR

Standard MAP-Diameter IWF implementations only work for recent HLR releases (3GPP release 8 and higher), making it impossible to offer 4G services for hundreds of operators and MVNOs worldwide. Having developed a special 3G-LTE interworking function that connects existing, older generation HLRs (pre-release 8) to 4G/LTE networks, this special feature helps us to support the creation of KASME security vector information, required for connectivity with a pre-release 8 HLR. Now operators and MVNOs are empowered to break through the typical vendor lock-in situation associated with upgrading to newer generations of HLR/HSS technology.

Wi-Fi Cellular integration

Combined with the RADIUS module, this solution can also support RADIUS-SS7/MAP interworking, required for Wi-Fi offload scenarios where a RADIUS EAP-SIM server needs to acquire authentication parameters from an SS7 based HLR or Diameter based HSS, for SIM based authentication.

Benefits of the MAP-Diameter interworking

  • Immediate availability of complete MAP-Diameter IWF, supporting the 3GPP TS 29.305 specification, including the unique feature to create KASME security vector information (“KASME derivation function”), enabling connectivity with pre-release 8 HLRs;
  • Proven solution, tested and deployed with all major HLR vendors;
  • On the fly adaptations to any (proprietary) Diameter or SS7 variant, through built-in flexibility to quickly adjust and customize interfaces to specific customer environments, new use cases and future system updates. No dependency on R&D availability of vendors;
  • Future-proof, extendable approach: new interfaces (e.g. various Diameter applications, RADIUS, XML/HTTP, SOAP, REST, LDAP, ENUM, SS7 etc.) and new functions (e.g. DRA/DEA) are supported by the same solution without the need for software development;
  • An integrated solution by design with on-board function of the Interface Gateway, providing a unique combination of DRA, DEA and IWF on a single platform;
  • Software based solution, running on standard hardware, supporting virtualization and cloud deployment.
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