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DDI private cloud virtualisation

Enhance agility and consistency in virtualised and cloud environments.

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Maximise the value of virtual and cloud deployments

Virtual and private clouds provide your organisation with undeniable benefits in scalability, agility, and cost control for your distributed network needs. However, conventional network management tools undermine those advantages. For example, configuring DNS and IP addresses are largely performed manually using segmented point solutions. These tools are not designed to support elastic scalability. Nor can they provide the control, visibility, reliability, and consistency with your organisation demands.

That’s why we created Infoblox DDI for virtualisation and private cloud. Actionable network intelligence allows you to control DNS, DHCP, and IPAM for complex distributed virtual and cloud-based environments centrally, flexibly, and efficiently. Now you can support complex multi-platform workloads with confidence and maximise the full potential of your private cloud and virtualisation deployment strategy.

Automatically provision and manage your private cloud and virtual environments

Automate provisioning and de-provisioning of IP addresses and DNS records in private cloud and virtual environments, eliminating inefficient handoffs between teams. Streamline workload distribution while gaining granular control of virtualised network properties. Boost productivity and efficiency by creating consistent workflows across VMware, OpenStack, and Docker.

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Enhance oversight and control over virtual resources

Automatically discover and track Virtual Machines (VMs) across your disparate platforms using a unified console. Monitor your workloads and their relationship to your network, while reducing the time it takes to troubleshoot issues. Streamline compliance and audit processes with insight into virtual instances, augmented with current and historical views. Automatically document VMs and their resources such as DNS records and IP addresses to keep everything up to date.

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Ensure consistency across multi-platform environments

With Infoblox, you can simplify what it takes to implement consistent processes throughout your extended on-premises, virtualised, and hybrid cloud infrastructure. Apply advanced automation and centralisation to ensure the uniform implementation of network policies for DNS and IP address provisioning. Empower your individual departments by distributing authorisation for provisioning while maintaining complete oversight. Drive consistency essential to network security, efficiency, and reliability.

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Key features

icon Cloud-ready DDI
Cloud-ready DDI
Automate the provisioning of DNS records and IP addresses for virtual machines with pre-built integrations for different cloud platforms including VMware, AWS, OpenStack, and Microsoft Azure. Manage and visualise your DNS and network configurations on a unified UI or via APIs. Provide local controls and empower individuals or departments by delegating DNS and IPAM authorisation to these departments.
icon Powerful APIs
Powerful APIs
Enable pre-built customised integration with other automation and orchestration platforms. Achieve API scaling using a distributed approach to handle peak API loads.
icon Unparalleled visibility and auditing
Unparalleled visibility and auditing
Continuously discover and track your virtual assets across multi-platforms with an automated discovery process. Track and audit current and historical virtual instances to ensure compliance and consistent policies.
icon Elastic scale
Elastic scale
Build an elastic and scalable core network services architecture for growing and evolving cloud deployments.
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