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The era of network transformation

It’s no secret that organisations worldwide are undergoing a network transformation. Cloud migration, the need for infrastructure automation, and the availability of cost-effective and high-performance broadband are all fueling this change. With these three fundamental shifts, traditional wide area network (WAN) architectures that rely on multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) networks to connect branch offices to data centres have been rendered ineffective. This has seen the rise of the software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN), which promises to enable organizations to seamlessly embrace the benefits of network transformation and remove any limitations from legacy WAN architectures.

Legacy SD-WAN solutions fall short

Although SD-WAN offers numerous benefits for organizations, legacy SD-WAN approaches bring many challenges:

  • Many rely on force-fitting the traditional packet-based routing model into the cloud-ready enterprise. While this approach technically works, it’s far from optimal and cannot provide the return on investment (ROI) that SD-WAN has to offer. With Layer 3 packet-based policies, organizations are limited in creating application-based networking policies and lack application visibility, making it difficult for networking teams to deliver on application SLAs.
  • Legacy SD-WAN solutions lack scalability and require constant manual intervention for Day 2 operations. This creates substantial administrative overhead for networking and operation teams, which can increase complexity and costs. To top it all off, legacy solutions require organizations to “bolt-on” essential branch services, such as security and visibility. With multiple point products to deploy and manage, organizations struggle to maintain network and security operations while trying to keep costs low. With all this in mind, it’s easy to see why a new generation of SD-WAN is needed.

The next-generation of SD-WAN from Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks takes a fundamentally different approach with Prisma® SD-WAN. Only Palo Alto Networks can provide SD-WAN with an ROI of up to 243%, simplify network operations by using machine learning to eliminate up to 99% of network trouble tickets, and improve the end-user experience with a tenfold increase in WAN bandwidth at a lower cost than legacy architectures.

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Palo Alto SD-WAN


Router modernisation

Upgrade legacy routers to intelligent, lightweight appliances at the branch and enable zero-touch provisioning capabilities to reduce manual, labour-intensive branch provisioning.

Cloud migration

Unlock cloud-scale savings to reduce WAN costs, and ensure high-performance access and industry-leading security.

Automated networking operations

Automate operations using machine learning. Easily integrate security as well as get the visibility and control you need to ensure the best performance and consistent availability of your network.
Prisma SD-WAN

Key benefits

icon Application-defined
Gain deep application visibility with Layer 7 intelligence for network policy creation and traffic engineering. This can significantly improve the end user experience while enabling network teams to deliver SLAs for all applications.
icon Autonomous
Automate operations and problem avoidance using machine learning and data science methodologies. This enables agile DevOps approaches for deployment by leveraging APIs to simplify network operations.
icon Cloud-delivered
Enable delivery of all branch services to from the cloud, including networking and security. This can simplify WAN management while increasing ROI.
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