Infradata supports IP Visie in wholesale market

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Infradata and IP Visie, both experts in network connections, have entered into a cooperative venture in order to further their mutual growth. IP Visie will expand its activities with a fiber optics offer under its own label. The direct benefit of this is that IP Visie will become a KPN Wholesale Partner. Infradata’s role in this step will be to provide high-performance Juniper Networks MX core routers.

IP Visie is a known KPN Business Partner focusing on business fiber optics. The company provides all types of data connections and is the single-point-of-contact between businesses and KPN. That this approach is an effective one is evidenced by the fact that IP Visie has already won the KPN Business Award in the Network Services category twice in recent years. IP Visie wants to strengthen its position on the fiber optics market by offering fiber optic connections under its own label. Fouad el Hajjaj, CEO of IP Visie: “This is an important next step for us. It will allow us to stand up to the competition even better.”

In addition to developing this new network infrastructure with Juniper Networks MX, Infradata has also taken on responsibility for implementation and support. Robbie van Rooijen, Sales Executive at Infradata, says the following about the cooperation: “Data traffic is growing enormously. This offers service providers potential for growth on both the consumer and business customer market as well as the wholesale market. IP Visie is a good example of a customer-oriented company that is growing along with these developments as a supplier. We are pleased that we opted to cooperate in this manner."

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