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An evolving network architecture requires a new security approach.

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Enterprise networks are increasingly reliant on cloud-based applications to run their businesses and support distributed workflows to support remote and mobile users. This has resulted in the conventional enterprise network to rapidly grow beyond the conventional network edge, challenging infrastructure leaders to secure and manage an ever-expanding attack surface.

While networks have advanced rapidly enough to support the workflows of these remote endpoints, most security tools have not kept pace, rendering VPN-only solutions obsolete. For organisations to remain competitive, all endpoints must be secured and managed with the same security and networking policies as their on-premises infrastructure, regardless of where they’re located.

Security model

Four main characteristics of SASE

According to Gartner SASE is a service consisting of four main characteristics.

icon Identity-driven
With a least-privileged strategy and strictly enforced access control, organisations will be able to control interactions with resources based on relevant attributes, including application access, user and group identity and the sensitivity of the data being accessed.
icon Cloud-based architecture
Cloud-based architecture
The SASE model architecture includes implementing different key cloud capabilities which will provide an agile, holistic, adaptive, self-updating platform. This will provide organisations an efficient and easily adaptable platform for their business needs no matter where they are located.
icon Supports all edges
Supports all edges
SASE creates one network for the entire organisation’s resources — data centers, branch offices, cloud resources, and mobile and remote users. For example, SD-WAN appliances support physical edges while mobile clients and clientless browser access connect users on the go.
icon Globally distributed
Globally distributed
To ensure complete networking and security abilities globally and on the go, SASE platforms must be globally distributed to organisations. This includes delivering a low-latency service to enterprise edges.

Benefits of SASE

A SASE approach allows organisations to apply secure access no matter where their users, workloads, devices, or applications are located. This becomes a critically important advantage as more users join a remote workforce, SaaS applications see rapid adoption, and data moves rapidly among data centers, branch offices, and hybrid- and multi-cloud environments.

Deliver a comprehensive range of security services, from threat prevention to NGFW policies, to any edge, ensuring zero-trust network access to know who is on your network, know what is on your network, and protect assets both on and off the network.

Conquer point product sprawl once and for all by using a single platform approach and reducing or eliminating capex and opex costs.

Simplify your architecture by consolidating key networking and security functions from disparate point products into single solutions, all easily managed from a single-pane-of-glass management system.

Leveraging cloud availability, your team members easily and securely connect to the Internet, applications, and corporate resources wherever they are located.

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As security shifts to the cloud, the legacy perimeter must transform. With expanding branch offices, remote workforces, and a multitude of apps and devices, security and risk management leaders must begin to build a migration plan from this perimeter to a SASE model.

Our security engineers and SASE experts are here to guide you on your journey to implementing the SASE model. Together with you we will create a dedicated team and develop a plan to ensure SASE success. Thanks to our close relationships with leading technology vendors, we are able to design and build the best solution and create a SASE road map for your organisation.

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