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Consumers increasingly tailor their media experiences to accommodate their individual needs. Media companies fight for attention and strive to help consumers navigate in the abundance of free and paid content. We create the secure and connected digital foundation which allows media companies to adapt, experiment and innovate to secure higher revenues and market shares.

Broadcast television, radio, film, animation, event production, facility houses, interactive media and game design. We work with companies in all media sectors to assist them with the shift from traditional business models to businesses, brands and revenue streams that leverage digital content and platforms. We ensure they are at the forefront of the digital transformation which is driving immense change within this complex and evolving industry.

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Industry challenges

Do these challenges sound familiar?

These challenges highlight the need for robust and secure network solutions tailored to the unique demands of the Media and Broadcasting industry.

Mitigating cyberattacks

Continuously defending against and responding to cyber threats remains a critical priority.

Distributed content delivery

Ensuring fast, reliable content delivery across different regions demands a complex and costly content delivery network.

High bandwidth demands

Media companies require extensive bandwidth to support large file transfers and high-definition streaming.

Data and IP safeguarding

Protecting intellectual property and sensitive data from unauthorised access is a constant challenge.

Data privacy compliance

Adhering to data protection laws like GDPR is critical to avoid substantial fines and reputational damage.

Network scalability and flexibility

Scalable and flexible networks are required to meet fluctuating demands, especially during major events.

Cloud integration challenges

Efficiently integrating cloud services for storage and distribution while maintaining security is a complex necessity.

Expertise shortage

There's a persistent gap in accessing skilled manpower for managing complex network architectures.

Media giant Framestore achieves above and beyond with its fail-proof firewalls

A business occasionally finds itself implementing workarounds to mitigate the risks associated with ageing technology. But for Framestore, this was no longer an option due to configuration and feature options limiting scalability around increasing the use of cross-network resources.

Knowing the business needed to adapt, Framestore engaged Nomios to advise on the most effective firewalls to enable infrastructure-as-code, which would not only protect the business, but enable a positive impact on performance, achieve 1-click deployment and use a single source of truth.

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