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Armis Centrix™ for OT/IoT Security

Armis Centrix™ offers a holistic OT/IoT security solution, blending dynamic network segmentation, compliance, asset management, and deep visibility for robust IT/OT convergence protection.

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Armis Centrix™ for OT/IoT Security: Comprehensive Protection for the Modern Industrial World

Bridging the IT/OT Gap

In an era where the separation between IT and OT environments is diminishing, Armis Centrix™ stands as a pivotal solution in managing the convergence of these two critical spheres. Traditional air-gapped systems are no longer the norm, and with this shift, it's imperative to address the unique challenges posed by IT/OT convergence. Armis Centrix™ offers unparalleled protection against lateral movement attacks, providing robust security measures for both IT and OT environments.

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Dynamic Network Segmentation for Enhanced Security

Armis Centrix™ excels in managing IT/OT convergence with its dynamic network segmentation. This intelligent system utilizes visualizations to manage attack surfaces, improving cyber and operational resilience. It identifies non-compliant device types, aiding in effective segmentation and integration with NAC tools for a streamlined management approach.

Ensuring Compliance in Regulated Environments

In regulated OT environments, compliance is key. Armis Centrix™ supports this by mapping customizable dashlets to various security frameworks, enabling cross-team collaboration and ensuring adherence to standards like MITRE ATT&CK for ICS, ISA/IEC 62443, and NIS2.

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OT/IoT Environment Hygiene and Gap Analysis

Armis Centrix™ emphasizes the importance of comprehensive asset inventories for effective OT hygiene. It overcomes challenges like inaccurate CMDB information and the risks posed by technical debt and legacy software in OT environments. Through gap analysis, Armis Centrix™ identifies unprotected assets and CVEs, aiding in risk remediation and lifecycle planning.

Deep OT Visibility for Unparalleled Security

Securing critical infrastructure begins with total asset visibility. Armis Centrix™ offers a unique approach to OT visibility, combining passive and active discovery methods for comprehensive asset monitoring. This includes full visibility across OT and IT networks, even covering low-level nested and field devices, ensuring real-time, non-disruptive insights.

Total Control with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

Armis Centrix™ provides real-time alerts for PLC changes, crucial for maintaining operational continuity in automated tasks. This visibility and alerting into PLC changes is central to maintaining system integrity and responding swiftly to any anomalies.


Additional resources

The whitepaper "Using Armis to Enable the IEC 62443 Standard for OT Security" focuses on how Armis assists organisations in complying with the IEC 62443 standards for operational technology (OT) security.

Secure Your Future with Armis Centrix™

Armis Centrix™ for OT/IoT Security is your comprehensive solution for the modern challenges of IT/OT convergence. With its focus on dynamic network segmentation, compliance adherence, asset inventory, gap analysis, and deep OT visibility, Armis Centrix™ ensures robust protection and operational continuity for your critical infrastructure. Stay ahead in the evolving landscape of cybersecurity with Armis Centrix™.

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