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Get complete network traffic visibility with the high performance Netflow Collector.

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Flowmon Collector is a network monitoring appliance that captures, stores and processes flow data, including normalisation, visualisation and analysis. The network and application telemetry is displayed on a highly customisable dashboard, turning the network into a transparent environment by providing statistics, visualisation and drill-down options for effective troubleshooting and capacity planning.

Flowmon Netflow/IPFIX Collector

Flowmon Collector is a powerful standalone appliance providing detailed network traffic visibility. The solution is dedicated to the collection, visualisation, analysis and long-term storage of network statistics (NetFlow v5/v9, IPFIX and other flow data) generated from routers, switches, firewalls or specialised Flowmon Probes. With a well-arranged user interface, it allows administrators to have absolute control over the network to troubleshoot operational issues quickly, enhance network & application performance and deal with modern cyber threats.

With Flowmon modules, the functionality of Flowmon Collector is extended by the advanced analysis of flow statistics. Learn more about Flowmon Anomaly Detection System for network behaviour analysis, Flowmon Application Performance Monitoring for driving application value, Flowmon Traffic Recorder for complete data communication recording and Flowmon DDoS Defender, a solution for the detection and mitigation of volumetric attacks.

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Flowmon Collector

Key features

icon A holistic approach to network monitoring
A holistic approach to network monitoring
Though red/green server status may be sufficient for availability monitoring, Flowmon's market-leading NPMD solution will give clear insight for user experience monitoring, troubleshooting and capacity planning.
icon Compatibility
Flowmon Collector can process data in all standard formats such as NetFlow, IPFIX, sFlow, jFlow or NetStream. It supports data exported from any device, allowing for smooth integration into any network.
icon Hybrid environment-ready
Hybrid environment-ready
Native cloud traffic mirroring combined with the ability to process and normalise heterogeneous data from multiple sources, the Collector provides a uniform level of transparency throughout the public cloud, on-premise or hybrid environments.
icon Versatility
Flowmon Collector can serve as a tool for network data analysis, allowing the user to see the “big picture”. It can also be used as a proxy to forward the data to security or analytical platforms, or it can serve as a comprehensive and reliable data storage. The Collector simply adapts to the user’s needs.
icon Scalability
Small businesses or global networks with distributed architecture - Flowmon Collector can serve as a central point of network data storage and analysis with unlimited scalability. Add more Collectors or Flowmon Probes for larger networks and get complete, cost-effective coverage.
icon Performance
The Collector has the highest performance in flows/s per appliance on the market. Its database system is built for fast data processing and it has enough space to store the resulting amounts of data.
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