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McAfee Cloud Workload Security

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As corporate data centres evolve, more workloads are migrated to cloud environments every day. Most organisations have a hybrid environment with a mixture of on-premises and cloud workloads, including containers, which are constantly in flux. This introduces a security challenge as cloud environments (private and public) require new approaches and tools for protection. Organisations need central visibility of all cloud workloads with complete defence against the risk of misconfiguration, malware, and data breaches.

Workload security from on-prem to cloud

Automate discovery and deployment

Automation templates and continuous workload discovery for day-1 protection and a centralised view of instances across all accounts.

Visualise and control network threats

Cloud-native network visualisation, prioritised risk alerting, and micro-segmentation for awareness and control to prevent both lateral attacks in the data centre and external threats.

Defend workloads against advanced attacks

Integrated countermeasures to protect workloads spanning machine learning, application containment, virtual machine-optimised anti-malware, whitelisting, file integrity monitoring, and micro-segmentation.

Discover and defend

CWS automates the discovery and defence of elastic workloads to eliminate blind spots, deliver advanced threat defence and simplify management.

Simplify cloud security management

A single-pane console consolidates policy and management across physical, virtual, and multi-cloud environments.

Reduce complexity

Simplify security with centralised management, automated workloads, one-click quarantine, and the ability to take corrective actions from within the solution.

McAfee Cloud Workload Security

Product features

icon Cloud and DevOps integration
Cloud and DevOps integration
Direct integration with AWS, Microsoft Azure, and VMware environments provides visibility and deployment automation through Chef, Puppet, and shell scripts.
icon Optimised for virtual workloads
Optimised for virtual workloads
Leverage advanced host-based workload defense optimised specifically for virtual instances to avoid resource storms that can strain underlying infrastructure.
icon Multilayer protection
Multilayer protection
Safeguard IaaS environments from advanced malware and intrusion with easy multilayer protection.
icon Cloud-native network control
Cloud-native network control
With increased awareness and control of your cloud workloads, you prevent both lateral attacks in the data center and external threats.
icon Direct integration with cloud providers
Direct integration with cloud providers
Direct integration with cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services. AWS Guard Duty alerts integrate with McAfee ePO, displaying network connections, port probes and DNS requests for EC2 instances.
McAfee Cloud Workload Security

Key benefits

McAfee® Cloud Workload Security automates the discovery and defence of elastic workloads and containers to eliminate blind spots, deliver advanced threat defence, and simplify multi-cloud management.

Continuous visibility of elastic workload instances eliminates operational “blind spots” while automating once laborious policy deployments.

Centralised management and automated workloads drastically reduce the complexity of hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Visualise and discover network threats without installing an agent.

Virtual machine-optimised threat defences deliver multilayer countermeasures.

Integration with automation tools like Chef and Puppet apply security to public and private cloud workloads at the time of deployment.

Get easy multi-layer protection from advanced malware and intrusion.

Discover and monitor Docker containers, and secure them with micro-segmentation.

Secure your environment by taking corrective actions directly from within the solution.

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