What is a disaggregated network?

There is a current trend within the networking industry of network disaggregation, but what is it? And how can it help to move your business forward? Together let’s explore the wonders of a disaggregated network and why you’re missing out if you don’t have one.

What is a network and why do I need to disaggregate mine?

Your network is the technological web that links your whole business together. From computers to phone systems to data storage and mainframes. Traditionally your network would rely on vast amounts of hardware, located in huge server rooms, and tied to one specific vendor. This vendor “lock-in” can be problematic if there are supply chain issues or if you want to rapidly up or downscale your network.

Network disaggregation allows for a completely different way of networking. At its most basic, disaggregation is the separation of hardware and software. Instead, the use of white boxes and interchangeable software means deployment of new network functions is as easy as if you were to download an app on your phone. This simplification of a network’s operational model leaves behind the traditional racks of servers. You’re also not tied to a single vendor, so you can mix and match software to get the network your business needs. Plus, scaling is a breeze, just add more white boxes as you need them.

Building the network your business needs

With a disaggregated network you’re not locked in with one vendor, giving you the freedom to build a network that truly works for your business. Disaggregation can allow for a new kind of system design. Mixing and matching components and being able to pick and choose the hardware and software your business needs, gives you real flexibility. This also allows for expanding or changing your network as your business grows and develops, meaning your network can keep up with where your business is going.

Scaling your network is as simple as adding more white boxes and launching new services can take minutes without the need to install new hardware. This fit-for-purpose network frees up time, employees, and budget. Building and scaling your own disaggregated network can be a big, and sometimes daunting task. But fear not, Nomios is here to guide the way. Our team of experts can provide a full service, including solution design, procurement, build and configuration so you’re guaranteed a smooth and worry-free transition. We can support you with full product management, taking care of logistics, vendor relationships and scheduling.

Network disaggregation: A more cost-effective way to work

As you don’t have to just take the services a standard vendor offers; you can save big bucks. Network disaggregation allows for full flexibility meaning you only need to buy the hardware or software you’re going to use. This type of network also means that a vendor can never hold you to ransom over supply shortages as the market is open to you. This improves the adaptability of your business, allowing you to remain innovative. All of this can decrease the cost to your business substantially.

But saving money isn’t the only benefit of disaggregation. It can also optimise performance and operational consistency and improve control, potentially giving you a competitive edge. The cost is just one of many benefits of the disaggregation of your network. If you think that network disaggregation might be for you, or you’d like to discuss it further with a team who knows what they’re talking about, get in touch today and let Nomios guide you into the future of networking.

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