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Together with our partner Juniper Networks, we build smart and secure network solutions for better healthcare every day.

The network is the lifeblood of modern healthcare. Foundationally, it must be reliable and secure, which requires assured experiences for all users, devices, and critical medical applications.

In addition, to truly deliver the best secure patient, staff, and guest experiences, the network must be personalized for individuals based on their ever-changing needs and locations. Emerging value-based healthcare delivery models require providers to embrace digital transformation. Improving patient outcomes cost-effectively using these digital advances requires an agile network that can support consumer-centric healthcare ecosystems.

Juniper uniquely harnesses the power of AI to deliver a truly digital healthcare experience. From Wi-Fi that is predictable, reliable, and completely secure to scalable indoor location services that provide standards-based asset location and user engagement capabilities, Juniper provides flexible solutions to the modern healthcare facilities throughout the world.

How Nomios and Juniper can help

By treating the cause, not the symptom of network performance and complexity, our AI-driven networks simplify operations, maximize network reliability, and deliver the best experiences for patients, staff, and guests. In addition, Juniper’s world class connected security solution protects healthcare networks every step of the way.

Secure and reliable campus access

From a small clinic to a large hospital, secure and reliable connections are critical to the modern healthcare experience. The Juniper solution, driven by Mist AI, delivers key automation and insights to assure the best staff and patient wired and wireless experience. Guest Wi-Fi networks are easy to setup with just a few clicks, and cloud-hosted operations provide seamless day-to-day management with virtually no downtime. By integrating Wi-Fi, IoT, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and other location technologies, providers have a cost-effective and standards-based approach for delivering valuable services, such as asset location, engagement, and patient security.

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Creating great patient and staff experiences

Juniper technology can drive higher patient engagement through real-time insights such as wait times, digital coupons and vaccination reminders, and enable turn-by-turn directions with sub-second latency to reduce late or missed medical appointments. You can provide staff and patient safety by integrating and tracking IoT devices such as sanitization stations and electronic locks to prevent unauthorized access and eliminate patient flight risks. Preserve your IT investment by locating and tracking ventilators, infusion pumps, wheelchairs and other critical medical assets within 1-to-3-meter accuracy.

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Lower network costs with AI

A leader in AI for IT, Juniper extends the power of artificial intelligence across wired and wireless networks to lower costs at hospitals, clinics, treatment centers, administrative offices, private data centers, and hybrid cloud environments. Find out how to improve patient outcomes while reducing costs.

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Safeguard your network

Detect, adapt, and enforce security policies faster with network-wide visibility, orchestration, and control. Find out how to simplify management with a unified platform for creating, deploying, and replicating common security policies across your healthcare enterprise. Find out how to build a Juniper Connected Security network for healthcare.

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Enhance the application delivery experience

Accelerate healthcare and data delivery through agile fabric management and intent-based automation with closed-loop assurance. Reimagine your data center and cloud operations with turnkey software to automate the entire network lifecycle in a single system. Juniper customers have achieved up to 90% faster time to deployment, 70% faster time to resolution, and 83% OpEx reduction.

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