Bringing home the AI-driven enterprise

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Combining Mist and Mist Edge with Juniper Connected Security to extend the AI-Driven Enterprise into employees’ homes

Organisations around the globe have experienced a sudden and significant increase in staff working from home – and this growth is causing overload in traditionally-configured VPNs. Routing all endpoint traffic through an organisation’s core network infrastructure makes security easier because defenses can be centralised and concentrated. However, this increases traffic volume, potentially slowing access to resources and affecting the remote-user experience.

In today’s circumstances, there is a real need for many organisations to provide reliable and fast connections, ensure data is secure and scale dynamically to meet business demands.

By combining Mist and Mist Edge with Juniper Connected Security, organisations can extend the AI-Driven Enterprise into their employees’ homes. The Juniper security hardware and Mist Wi-Fi access point can be deployed using zero-touch provisioning, allowing organisations to deploy managed networking equipment without a visit from a technician. Juniper’s cloud-based management solution provides the ability to scale to meet the needs of even the largest deployments.

Organisations need to be proactive and ready to tackle challenges quickly and easily. IT teams can be prepared with these three easy to implement solutions from Juniper and Mist:

  • Mist Wi-Fi for Remote Workers. Organisations can gain AI-driven insights into user experiences at home and remote offices. With Mist, IT teams proactively troubleshoot and resolve issues from anywhere, using the Marvis Virtual Network Assistant and dynamic packet capture.
  • Extending the Enterprise with Mist Edge. Organisations can eliminate overlay VPN technologies while still extending their enterprise network into their employees’ homes. Mist Edge can be deployed in conjunction with Mist Wi-Fi Access Points, and helps organisations to securely extend their organisational SSID and authentication services to remote offices.
  • Juniper Connected Security with Mist. Organisations can easily monitor business Wi-Fi while keeping corporate traffic safe, ensuring a quality experience and separating personal and business traffic.

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