Infradata signs partner agreement with A10 Networks

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A10 Networks


Leiden, 19 September 2011 – Network integrator Infradata and manufacturer A10 Networks have entered into a partner agreement. A10 Networks is originally a US company that focuses on application delivery and server load balancing. In particular the distinguishing elements regarding IPv6 and load balancing with a very high capacity for a very competitive price/quality ratio are unique selling points of the A10 solutions.

The application delivery and server load balancing solutions by A10 Networks offer seamless support for IPv4 – IPv6 projects for service providers, content providers and enterprises. The solutions by A10 Networks are equipped with the most advanced technologies for IPv4 protection, IPv4/IPv6 co-existence or full IPv6 migration:

  • Large-scale NAT / Carrier Grade NAT for assignment of several clients on one single IPv4 address (NAT 444)
  • Dual-stack Lite (DS-Lite) for introducing IPv6 networks that are able to service both IPv4 as well as IPv6 customers
  • SLB-PT for quickly rolling out IPv6 servers without changes on your servers / applications

Customers for whom Infradata has already integrated the solutions by A10 Networks are Proserve, OAD and Intermax. By using the solutions by A10 Networks, these companies are getting more performance out of their web applications, among other things, as well as receiving a solution that is very scalable. This is all thanks to the 64 bits A10 Networks operating system.

“The service provider market on which Infradata focuses is a very interesting target group for A10 Networks. This is a group where we have to tackle the IPv4 problem first. The solutions by A10 Networks also mesh very well with Infradata’s IP and DNS product portfolio,” says Harry Driedijk, Sales Manager Northern Europe at A10 Networks. “We at A10 are expecting a lot from our cooperation with integrator Infradata.”

“With the depletion of IPv4 addresses and the start with IPv6 addresses, the solutions by A10 Networks are a welcome addition to our product portfolio. We can take eliminate our customers’ uncertainty thanks to A10 Networks’ proposition,” says Leon de Keijzer, Managing Director of Infradata.

For more information, go to: A10

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