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Forcepoint's vision of converged and engaged security

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As the boundaries of the enterprise security perimeter expand and traditional on-premises architectures hybridise, new needs are emerging that warrant a new approach to security in the cloud. Forcepoint's vision of converged security offers a convergence of network, web and application security services in the cloud, as well as native data protection. The goal is to deliver more modern cybersecurity infrastructures to globally distributed organisations.

Forcepoint Cloud Security Gateway (CSG) technology is different from the other tools because it is all-in-one. While many companies use a multitude of solutions daily that each address one need, or at least one part of the overall security problem, Forcepoint offers a complete cybersecurity solution that is based on a single converged cloud product. A single console that centralises everything. It is now possible to administer and implement the various security policies applied within the company on a single, intuitive platform. This secure, all-in-one cloud platform fits perfectly with a modern IT security vision for a new era of cyber security that is both strengthened and simplified.

As a partner and reseller of Forcepoint solutions, Nomios invites you to discover more about this avant-garde platform that addresses all the issues faced by companies in terms of IT security.

What are the main challenges faced by companies in their security environment?

Today, companies are all faced with the same observation: the face of the various environments (hybrid, cloud, distributed...) is increasingly complex to understand because it is more and more diverse. In fact, this is coupled with an increase in the threats to which the company is exposed, whether they come from inside or outside. As a result, companies are often faced with a multitude of complementary solutions that require them to juggle several tools. The added value of Forcepoint solutions lies in the rationalisation of security environments. The benefits are numerous: cost reduction, improved user experience, flexibility, and an end to overlapping responsibilities between security and product teams.

The three main issues facing companies are :

  • managing access for different users according to their status and their working methods, which are tending towards nomadism,
  • the distribution and protection of data according to their degree of sensitivity but also to the real needs of users,
  • the protection of the company against various threats such as malware, phishing, or data stealing...

For companies, the challenge now lies in the choice of the tool they are going to use to reinforce the security of their users and their data.

Data, the new black gold, must therefore be considered through an approach that could be described as "Data First Security". In a world where everything is converging on the cloud, companies must be able to rely on reliable tools that offer them an appropriate level of security and that meet their daily needs while keeping up with the evolution of new working methods. As such, Forcepoint takes a data and user-centric approach rather than an infrastructure-centric approach to securing the cloud from the cloud with granular and unified control of access and security policies.

The perspective of converged security with the Forcepoint platform

Forcepoint's technology emerged from the acquisition of several companies, including Stonesoft, which is a next-gen firewall whose management console has been widely emulated, and Websense, which stands out in the web, DLP, CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) and proxy areas.

In 2021, Forcepoint also integrated RBI (Remote Browser Isolation) and CDR (Content Disarm and Reconstruction) solutions, enabling it to offer an ultra-complete range of cloud security services, all accessible via a single interface.

The latest acquisition is specific to Forcepoint One. It is Bitglass, a leader in terms of CASB and DLP (Data Loss Prevention).

Currently, Forcepoint's centralised management capabilities are very complete, especially for distributed environments. Forcepoint has also been a pioneer in the implementation of SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network).

By focusing on SASE (Secure Access Service Edge), Forcepoint also integrates a network security component in order to address issues related to distributed environments.

Simplification and performance from Converged Security

Today, having a vision of converged cloud security is necessary in a world where various issues overlap in the field. Understanding the parallel uses of cloud services, known as Shadow IT, is the key to providing an appropriate response, particularly with data protection and evasion through the Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) model.

Through a single agent, Forcepoint defends the idea of centralising all information, VPN capabilities, DLP application, verification of incoming and outgoing data.

In short, Forcepoint has succeeded in combining into a single platform:

  • Data first, which means the ability to protect data wherever it is and whoever owns it,

  • Security for the user, regardless of their location (company premises, at a customer's premises, within a subsidiary, via their own computer or smartphone, etc.) and ease of access to the data

  • Securing all types of access (applications, drive, file sharing...) thanks to appropriate connection methods,

  • Controlling access to data with different profiles according to the DLP principle: should access to this data be authorised, blocked, encrypted or limited?

The console offered by Forcepoint stands out for its ability to meet almost all the needs identified on the market in terms of distributed management.

Do you have questions about the unique hybrid platform offered by Forcepoint? Nomios, a Forcepoint certified integrator, can answer all your questions. Contact us for more information.

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