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Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE)

Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) enables secure network access and policy enforcement in a zero-trust framework.

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Cisco Identity Services Engine: Empowering Secure Network Control and Access

Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) empowers network control by leveraging integrated intelligence for policy enforcement, endpoint management, and trusted access in a zero-trust environment. In a world of zero-trust architecture, ISE becomes the policy decision hub, utilizing comprehensive data to authenticate users and endpoints, mitigating threats automatically. Experience the strength of resilience with secure connections that ensure access only for trusted users and their devices within your self-managed network.

ISE unparalleled visibility provides insights beyond the norm, enabling automatic identification, classification, and profiling of connected devices. Embrace innovation by transitioning from traditional infrastructure to the agility of Infrastructure as Code (IaC), preserving business integrity while aligning access and policy with your strategy. Verify your device posture with ISE 3.x, witnessing its seamless compliance with your security policies, safeguarding your network, data, and resources from potential threats.

ISE allows you to create user, location, and access profiles that provide precise control over network access. Maximize flexibility and choice by connecting NAC workloads across multiple clouds, leveraging automated threat-blocking mechanisms, and maintaining granular control to meet compliance standards. Take command of your network connections through features like virtual LAN (VLAN) assignments, Access Control Lists (dACLs), URL redirects, and named ACLs, all designed to rapidly counteract unwanted connections. Streamline onboarding with effortless user device integration, reducing help desk tickets and enhancing user experience through self-service portals like SAML 2.0. Simplify your network's safety.


Cisco Identity Services Engine

Cisco Identity Services Engine

Features and benefits

Read here the features and benefits of Cisco Identity Service Engine

ISE ensures secure network access by enforcing policies based on user identity, device status, and location, allowing only authorized users and devices to connect.

Following the zero-trust principle, ISE continuously validates access rather than assuming it, enhancing security and mitigating threats.

ISE provides deep insight into connected devices, their status, and attributes, giving administrators full control over network endpoints.

ISE employs multiple authentication methods to verify the identity of users and devices, including multi-factor authentication (MFA).

It automatically detects and contains threats and suspicious activities within the network, reducing response time to potential attacks.

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