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DDI public hybrid cloud

Create consistent, secure and reliable networking for your hybrid cloud.

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Move to the cloud, efficiently and securely

By migrating workloads to public or private clouds, you can enhance agility, reduce costs, and free IT resources to focus on core initiatives, instead of manually managing complex infrastructure. However, conventional IT management approaches require manual processes and siloed solutions that can undercut the very benefits you seek from cloud deployments. Legacy solutions lack the visibility and agility you need to effectively manage multi-platform environments. They also create inefficiencies and inconsistencies that hinder deployments, cause network disruptions, and increase your security risks.

With Infoblox Actionable Network Intelligence, you can efficiently control and secure your hybrid cloud. Our solution gives you the unique ability to automate and consolidate critical aspects of hybrid cloud network management, respond rapidly to business needs, and integrate with the industry’s broadest array of cloud-based platforms.

Automatically provision and manage your private cloud and virtual environments

Automate provisioning and de-provisioning of IP addresses and DNS records in private cloud and virtual environments, eliminating inefficient handoffs between teams. Streamline workload distribution while gaining granular control of virtualised network properties. Boost productivity and efficiency by creating consistent workflows across VMware, OpenStack, and Docker.

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Gain a holistic view of diverse virtual resources

Reduce blind spots and conflicting views with consolidated visibility across cloud, virtual, and on-premises environments. Discover and track Virtual Machines (VMs) automatically. Streamline compliance and audit processes with continuous insight into VMs, augmented with current and historical views. Automatically document decommissioned VMs and dynamically reconcile and release your network resources like DNS records and IP addresses to ensure information is accurate and always up to date.

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Scale your multi-cloud environments with control and visibility

Extend your enterprise network to the hybrid cloud securely with complete visibility. Use centralised management to ensure that network policies for DNS and IP address provisioning are uniformly applied across on-premises and multi-cloud environments. Reduce management overhead and empower your individual departments by distributing authorisation for provisioning while maintaining complete oversight. Elastically scale your DNS and accommodate IP address capacity as your cloud grows.

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Key features

icon Cloud-ready DDI
Cloud-ready DDI
Automate the provisioning of DNS records and IP addresses for virtual machines with pre-built integrations for different cloud platforms including VMware, AWS, OpenStack, and Microsoft Azure. Manage and visualise your DNS and network configurations on a unified UI or via APIs. Provide local controls and empower individuals or departments by delegating DNS and IPAM authorisation to these departments.
icon Powerful APIs
Powerful APIs
Enable pre-built customised integration with other automation and orchestration platforms. Achieve API scaling using a distributed approach to handle peak API loads.
icon Unparalleled visibility and auditing
Unparalleled visibility and auditing
Continuously discover and track your virtual assets across multi-platforms with an automated discovery process. Track and audit current and historical virtual instances to ensure compliance and consistent policies.
icon Elastic scale
Elastic scale
Build an elastic and scalable core network services architecture for growing and evolving cloud deployments.
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