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Juniper Mist Premium Analytics

Cloud-based network observability and business intelligence for actionable insights and optimized resource management.

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Unlocking Insights and Empowering Decision-Making with Juniper Mist Premium Analytics

Juniper Mist Premium Analytics is a cloud-based subscription service that empowers IT networking and line-of-business users with comprehensive network visibility and valuable business insights. It uniquely offers long-term data storage for in-depth network and location analytics.

The intuitive dashboards provide client-to-cloud visibility, allowing networking teams to swiftly identify and resolve issues, plan IT infrastructure, and efficiently manage resources. Vertical industries like retail, healthcare, hospitality, and education can leverage the service to analyze guest behavior, such as visits, dwell time, and movement across different areas, over extended periods. Facilities managers can gain insights to optimize occupancy, asset management, and space utilization.

Key Features:

  • Extended data storage for over 13 months, ensuring long-term analytics and historical insights.
  • Convenient report scheduling capabilities for automated generation and delivery of reports.
  • Integration of Mist AI-driven data for enhanced data ingestion and analysis.
  • Flexibility to incorporate third-party data for comprehensive analytics.
  • Ability to combine and analyze different data sets for a holistic view of network performance.
  • Streamlined and preconfigured dashboards for easy and intuitive data visualization.
Premium Analytics

Features and benefits

Gain comprehensive insights spanning the entire network infrastructure, encompassing wireless, wired, and wide area network (WAN) domains, in order to enhance and optimize end-user and client experiences.

Leverage location data, including analytics on engagement and occupancy, to elevate product placements, optimize real estate planning, improve staffing decisions, and drive informed business strategies.

Access extensive data archives spanning up to 13 months or beyond to identify trends and conduct in-depth historical time series analyses of network performance, application usage, employee behavior, and guest interactions. Additionally, gain insights into conference room utilization patterns and identify areas with high congestion over extended periods of one year or more.

Enhance network performance and optimize application delivery by leveraging the correlation and analysis of data across the Juniper Mist cloud architecture and third-party networking devices. Customize queries to gain valuable insights into WAN performance, spanning from campus to branch locations, enabling precise optimization strategies.

Obtain valuable insights into workforce traffic patterns and visitor flows to effectively manage network resources and ensure workplace safety. Gain visibility into employees' utilization of conference rooms and identify areas with high congestion, enabling informed decision-making for resource allocation and optimization.

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