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Juniper Mist User Engagement

Juniper Mist User Engagement offers cost-effective and accurate real-time indoor location services using vBLE array technology and cloud-based machine learning.

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Enhance Indoor Experiences with Juniper Mist User Engagement and Location Services

With the Juniper Mist User Engagement cloud subscription service, leverage Virtual BLE (vBLE) array technology and cloud-based machine learning to reduce deployment costs and enhance the precision of real-time indoor location services, including wayfinding and location-based proximity notifications. Our patented vBLE ensures easy scalability and deployment of indoor location services, providing unmatched accuracy and agility.

In addition to User Engagement, we provide a range of other location services, including Asset Visibility, Contact Tracing, and Premium Analytics.

Key Features:

  • Deploy cutting-edge wireless services for seamless indoor navigation and proximity messaging.
  • Influence customer behavior through personalized offers based on contextual information.
  • Enable automation of IoT devices like HVAC and security cameras based on user location.
  • Effortlessly guide employees to available resources, such as meeting rooms.
  • Share location information with colleagues, family, and friends for improved coordination and convenience.

User Engagement

Features and benefits

Benefit from precise real-time wayfinding capabilities with an accuracy of up to 1 meter. Enable your employees, guests, and customers to easily navigate to their desired destinations using turn-by-turn directions and experiencing minimal latency.

Enhance customer engagement and interaction by utilizing proximity notifications and alerts to greet patients, clients, or customers upon their arrival at your premises. Leverage unlimited virtual beacons to create push notifications and deliver contextually relevant messages, ensuring a personalized mobile experience throughout your location.

Juniper Mist provides a mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) equipped with open APIs, enabling seamless integration with compatible products and facilitating comprehensive automation capabilities.

Our User Engagement service offers foundational features that enable the analysis of data spanning up to 30 days. This simplifies the extraction of valuable network insights and analytics from across your organization, allowing you to review weekly schedules of recurring visitors, whether they are customers or employees. By gaining visibility into their patterns, you can align your support resources accordingly or introduce premium services tailored to their needs.

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